iannis Delatolas

Exteriors and Interiors of a Pandemic
Biography: Iannis Delatolas  Delatolas has had solo exhibitions in New York City at Kouros Gallery (2006), the Gallery at the Chocolate Factory Theater (2007), The Italian Academy At Columbia University (2006, 2003), the Salvatore Ferragamo Showroom... read on
Public Story
Exteriors and Interiors of a Pandemic
This was started in late February 2020 as a series of photographs of the Covid-19 pandemic's effects on New York City. Coming on the heels of the health crisis triggered by the pandemic, the uprising against racism erupted with as many as 26 million people in the US demonstrating against the murder of George Floyd and institutionalized racism. The pandemic cost twice as many deaths among Blacks, Latinos, and poor people overall. And the virus is still taking its toll. In the richest country on the planet, the Pandemic highlighted the vast inequality between the rich and the poor and the failure of the local and federal governments to act on time to save lives.
Given the psychological impact of the lockdowns and social isolation, it was inevitable that over the course of this year under the Pandemic, that this work would become a reflection of not just the outside world but also a reflection on my own interior(s). This is a work in progress.