Maurizio Martorana

Photographer @ London College of Communication based in London

Maurizio Martorana is a Photographer and Visual Journalist.   He holds an MA in Photojournalism  and  Documentary Photography from the  London College of Communication . He previously... read on


Primary clients: The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Sky News UK, The New York Review of Books, VICE News UK, IRIN News...
Coverage Regions: Africa Europe
Languages Spoken: Fluent in English, French, Italian. Intermediate in Spanish. Elementary Arabic and Bambara.
Years of experience: 6 to 10
Maurizio Martorana is a Photographer and Visual Journalist. 

He holds an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. He previously studied Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology at Università degli Studi di Firenze and Université Nice Sophia Antipolis.

After finishing university he has been working as a freelance in Europe and countries such as MaliSouth Africa and Sudan, publishing articles and pictures for various international news outlets and NGOs.