Lenka Hoffmannova

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Location: Šumperk
Nationality: Czech
Biography: My name is Lenka Hoffmannova and I live in Šumperk, the Czech Republic. I was born in industrial town Ostrava in northern Moravia. My grandfather was the master in a coalmine. My father was a turner in the development department of... read on
Public Project
Events in my town Šumperk and surroundings
Credits: lenka hoffmannova
Updated: 02/02/16
The people, events and surroundings of my town Šumperk. 

Šumperk was founded in the 13th century. The town‘s economy  was mainly based on textile crafts, and the town was often the property of significant Czech and Moravian aristocratic families. In the 16th century Šumperk was the seat of the Žerotín family, but in 1562 feudalism was ended in Šumperk and it became a royal town. The following period of prosperity was ruined by the Thirty Years‘ War, the great fire of 1669 and the inquisition trials held between 1678 and 1694. The Industrial Revolution produced a boom in textile production, and Šumperk‘s architecture came to resemble Vienna. After WWII the majority of German-speaking inhabitants were moved away and the town stagnated, but today Šumperk is beginning a new era of prosperity.

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