Erik Hagen

The Girlie Show
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Erik Hagen is an American artist originally from Florida. His work has appeared in numerous group shows, both in the United States and internationally, and he was a selected participant in Review Santa Fe. He is interested in the ways in which... read on
Public Story
The Girlie Show
Credits: erik hagen
Updated: 03/01/16
Location: Ybor City, FL

The Girlie Show Bigtop Burlesque, Ybor City, FL.

"I try to create images on stage that are fun, imaginative and sexy. I love to create beautiful and thought-provoking shows that are always tongue and cheek. This is everything Burlesque means to me.  I think it's important to make fun, especially of ourselves. Life is far too serious these days.

So many of us only identify Burlesque with a certain era that included women stripteasing their clothes away. Burlesque is so much more. "The Girlie Show" pays tribute to the early roots of all modern entertainment including Tableaux, Vaudeville, Cabaret, Operettas and Musical Theater . I think it's important to pay respect, preserve and keep things moving who doesn't love a sparkling set of pasties? "

   - Director and Creator Jamieson Lindenburg


By Erik Hagen —

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