Erik Hagen

Platitudes and Multitudes
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Erik Hagen is an American artist originally from Florida. His work has appeared in numerous group shows, both in the United States and internationally, and he was a selected participant in Review Santa Fe. He is interested in the ways in which... read on
Public Story
Platitudes and Multitudes
Credits: erik hagen
Updated: 03/29/16
Location: Wilmington, DE
Each of these images is a platitude, an empty expression that is pleasing to see. I borrow from the style of look book photographs, using a muted palette and muted light. The existing light, be it the sun or the ceiling lamp, highlights the objects around me, forcing me to fixate on them and create an image. I wonder what value images have for me, can they make me money, can they help me understand depression or meaninglessness. I think if I'm lucky they can make me money, but I don't know if they can give me a deeper understanding of life. Yet when I put all these empty expressions together, when there is a multitude of them, they describe to me something more: the record of a sad winter. I remember that this is my perception, the audience may never see it, and again they seem to be useless platitudes.

By Erik Hagen —

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