Graham Letorney

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: Vermonter
Biography: Focused on using software to solve problems for visual storytelling & journalism. Website   12 minutes of inspiration Joi Ito / "Now-ist" ======== Media Experience 2017 Press L'Oeil de la Photographie... read on
Public Story
Seed to Seed
Credits: g. letorney and s. buckingham
Updated: 03/17/17
Location: Industry, Maine

Seed to Seed. 

A look at the Scatterseed Project, a program for preserving the diversity of crop heritage by annually growing and storing a library of over 1,500 seeds. It is both a modern day Noah's Arc that could be an invaluable lifeline in the event of a bio disaster and one man's dream of creating the biggest and best garden.

Photography by Graham Letorney & Audio by Sara Buckingham

Created fall 2009 at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Photographed at the Scatterseed Project, Industry, Maine, USA


By Graham Letorney —

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