Graham Letorney

Enter to Exit (Argentina)
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: Vermonter
Biography: Focused on using software to solve problems for visual storytelling & journalism. Website   12 minutes of inspiration Joi Ito / "Now-ist" ======== Media Experience 2017 Press L'Oeil de la Photographie... read on
Public Story
Enter to Exit (Argentina)
Credits: graham letorney
Date of Work: 07/02/06 - 08/15/06
Updated: 03/17/17
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Argentina 2006. 

This series is a reflection on travel, adventure, and the feeling of searching through the unknown.
After landing in Buenos Aires I set out for Las Leñas, a mountain town in the west. The cross country trip was meant to take ten hours and instead took four days. A meandering introduction to weeks lodged in the Andes.


By Graham Letorney —

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