Betina Garcia

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality: Danish / Spanish
Biography: Betina Garcia is a visual journalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Driven by curiosity, she’s on a quest to know people and what motivates them – she wants to expand people’s perspective on life. Her stories have been published... read on

The Hispanic invasion in the US is coming from within. Marcos, Paco and Nayda Espinoza are half Guatemalan and Mexican and are born and raised in the US. They are sons and daughters of illegal immigrants. They represent a generation of Hispanics, the biggest and youngest minority group in the States currently counting nearly 57 million people. Never before in the history of America has a minority ethnic group made up such a large share of the youth.  One-in-five schoolchildren are Hispanic and every fourth child born is Hispanic (Pew Research Center).  

The Barrillas family fled Guatemala 25 years ago escaping local violence and built a life on the West Coast. After 20 years in California the Barrillas and Espinoza family bought a ranch and now reside in Bowling Green, Ky, USA. This is the story of three generations that have built a life on American soil, but staying true to their Latinamerican roots. They are a family of Rancheros, the Latino version of an American cowboy. 


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