Erika P. Rodriguez

Freelance Photographer
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Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Biography: Born in the late 80s, I was raised between metropolitan city of San Juan and the green mountains of Puerto Rico. In 2009 I took a one way plane to California to complete my bachelors. After six years in the Golden State I relocated from Los... read on
"We are spectators of our history"
erika p. rodriguez
Jul 22, 2016
My work was featured in the New York Times' Lens Blog.

You can see it here:
A Sad Homecoming to Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis

"Last month, she was watching the congressional discussions on C-Span when the fiscal control board, known by its acronym as Promesa, or promise, was approved in a flurry of yeas. Ms. Rodríguez said she became so anxious as the votes were being cast that she had to call a friend.

“I don’t know what hurts the most — all the cuts that are coming or that we are spectators of our history without being able to do anything,” she said, a catch in her voice as she fought tears. “We have no voice. That hurts a lot.”


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