Erika P. Rodriguez

Freelance Photographer
Story in Audubon Magazine
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Biography: Born in the late 80s, I was raised between metropolitan city of San Juan and the green mountains of Puerto Rico. In 2009 I took a one way plane to California to complete my bachelors. After six years in the Golden State I relocated from Los... read on
Story in Audubon Magazine
erika p. rodriguez
Jan 15, 2018
Hurricane Maria did not just affect people, but it also destroyed most of the trees home to birds and other animals in the island. On December, three months after the storm, the annual Christmas Bird Count of the National Audubon Society took place in Fajardo, a coastal town in the east of Puerto Rico, the results showed the effect left by wrath of the hurricane.

Puerto Ricans Band Together to Survey Birds in Hurricane Maria's Aftermath
Amid power outages, devastated landscapes, and destroyed buildings, birders assessed the storm's avian toll on their Christmas Bird Count.


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