Erica Canepa

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Erica Canepa is an Italian documentary photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her personal work mainly focuses on women and identity issues, health, and religion. She is attracted by rituals as paths into human complexity. Her studies in... MORE
News Spotlight
A photographers' conversation.
erica canepa
May 14, 2020
Self-confined at home, we suddenly explore our apartments with new eyes.

Times are confused, distances feel more tangible, the future is even more uncertain. While life outside seems somehow frozen, inside our four walls everything becomes almost hectic.

One Ocean away, Camilla Ferrari and I started a conversation using our favourite language: photography. We initiated a silent dialogue, uploading one photo after the other, driven by our instinct, guided by the images in front of us. Waiting for the next photo to uncover our voices and getting to know each other better every day.

The home of this dialogue is…/camilla-ferrari-erica-cane…, a beautiful initiative by Yana Wernicke and Jonas Feige."¨"¨

We invite you to have a look and get lost in other beautiful photographers' conversations. showcases photographic conversations between self-isolated photographers.

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