Joan Alvado

Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Catalan
Biography: Born in Altea in 1979, Joan Alvado has lived in Barcelona since 2005. His works have been published in media like The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, El Pais, Hurriyet, VICE, Descobrir Catalunya, 7K magazine,... read on
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"The Last Man on Earth" published in Fisheye Magazine (FR)
joan alvado
Apr 19, 2020

"The Last Man on Earth" is published in the portfolio section of the current issue of Fisheye Magazine... and looking gorgeous in there! With a great piece written by Anaïs Viand, and a very beautiful layout. I love the contents of Fisheye magazine and I always love to see the images printed. Very happy about this one.

Joan Alvado : « The Last Man on Earth » | Fisheye Magazine
Qui n’a jamais rêvé d’un espace où la nature reprendrait ses droits face à l’homme ? Où le bruit des klaxons serait remplacé par le chant des oiseaux ? Et où la culture de son potager ne serait plus assimilé à une pratique bobo ?...

By Joan Alvado —

Media News

"The Last Man on Earth" - gallery online for The Guardian

By Joan Alvado — "Depopulation Blues"  “The Last Man on Earth” made it to The Guardian! They have dedicated a wide gallery to the project..

"The Last Man on Earth" in Festival Circulations 2020

By Joan Alvado — "The Last Man on Earth" is exhibited this year in Paris as is part of the 2020 edition of the Festival Circulations.Very grateful to the..

"School of Shepherds" in China Life Magazine

By Joan Alvado — The "School of Shepherds" story was published in February in China Life, a magazine about Arts and Humanities. A wide edition of the..
Events News

"Invisibles del Gènere" - Collective exhibition in Open Society Barcelona

By Joan Alvado — I am very pleased to participate in the collective exhibition "Invisibles del Gènere", organized by Territories Libres with..

"The Last Man on Earth" published in Bird in Flight magazine

By Joan Alvado — "The Last Man on Earth" is featured this month in Bird in Flight Magazine (Ukraine), and is looking great in there! When you work in..
News Spotlight

Invited to Artist in Residence program in Serbia -> New project coming

By Joan Alvado — Last december I had the pleasure to participate in an Artist residence in Eastern Serbia. Invited by Belgrade PhotoMonth Festival and the Cervantes..

"The Last Man on Earth", finalist in the Galicia Contemporary Photography award

By Joan Alvado — My project "The Last Man on Earth", on extreme depopulation in the Spanish State was selected finalist of Galicia Contemporary Photography..
News Spotlight

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" exhibition in Köln (DE), inside the collective "Glaube auf Kuba" (Faith in Cuba).

By Joan Alvado —  "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" made it again to Germany, and the work can be seen this month, inside the collective exhibition..

"The Last Man on Earth" Honorable Mention in POY Latam Awards

By Joan Alvado — "The Last Man on Earth", the essay I'm doing about extreme depopulation in the heart of Spain, has received an honorable mention in..

"Esmeray" exhibition in Santa Coloma: gender, new femenities and empowerment for Kurdish transexuals in Turkey

By Joan Alvado — New exhibition, we are opening today and it can be visited in Santa Coloma (Bcn) until the 09th of June: "Esmeray. New feminities and..

"The Last Man on Earth" exhibition in the Cinema and Human Rights festival of Donostia (Basque Country)

By Joan Alvado — "The Last Man On Earth" is exhibited this month inside the program of the 17th Cinema and Human Rights festival of Donostia, and can be..

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" in Belgrade Photomonth Festival

By Joan Alvado — I am very happy to share that "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" is part of the Belgrade Photomonth Festival, and the work will be exhibited..

Fading Away - Behind The Scenes for LFI blog

By Joan Alvado — LFI blog has published a nice Behind The Scenes entry about my essay "Fading Away", published in LFI magazine this month. It contains an..

"Fading Away" new photo essay in Leica's LFI magazine

By Joan Alvado — Fading Away: What remains when a population disappears?  I'm very happy to share that my last project is now out and published in the last..

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" - Video interview in Lens Culture

By Joan Alvado — "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" featured in Lens Culture, including a wide gallery of images and a video interview we recorded we I spoke..

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" receives a Grant in Albarracín seminar (Spain)

By Joan Alvado — "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" has received a Grant in the Albarracin photography and journalism seminar hold this October in the Spanish..

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" published in Doc! Photo Magazine (Poland)

By Joan Alvado — "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" is published this month in the magnificent Doc! photo Magazine (Poland)... and I have to say is looking..

School of Shepherds gallery for P3 Publico (Portugal)

By Joan Alvado — School of Shepherds @  P3  Publico (PT)  The portuguese media P3 (the cultural magazine from Publico)  dedicates a wide photo..

"School of Shepherds" exhibition in the X Biennal Xavier Miserachs

By Joan Alvado —  I'm so happy to share that the "School of Shepherds" project is in the program of the Photo Biennal Xavier Miserachs from..

"Felanitx" for Descobrir Catalunya magazine

By Joan Alvado — This month is released a curious story we did on the geography and people of Felanitx (Mallorca, Spain) with the Valencian writer Paco Esteve for..

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" essay published in Burn Magazine

By Joan Alvado — "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" is published now as a photo essay in BURN MAGAZINE, the magazine created and curated by David Alan Harvey...

"Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" exhibition in the gallery of Salina Turda (Transilvania, Romania)

By Joan Alvado — "Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith" is exhibited this month in the gallery space of the underground Turda Salt Mine, in Turda, Transilvania,..

"SChool of Shepherds" gallery for Equal Times (Belgium)

By Joan Alvado — Equal Times (Belgium) published last month a gallery and a wide article on the "School of Shepherds" project, titled here "Sowing the seeds of..

New Book: "Escola de Pastors" Available for pre-sale in Pol·len Edicions

By Joan Alvado — My first book, "Escola de Pastors" (School of Shepherds") will be out next April and is now already available for pre-sale.  Published..
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