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Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Catalan
Biography: Born in Altea in 1979, Joan Alvado has lived in Barcelona since 2005. His works have been published in media like The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, El Pais, Hurriyet, VICE, Descobrir Catalunya, 7K magazine,... read on
School of Shepherds gallery for P3 Publico (Portugal)
joan alvado
Sep 10, 2018

School of Shepherds @ P3 Publico (PT) 

The portuguese media P3 (the cultural magazine from Publico)  dedicates a wide photo gallery to my project "School of Shepherds". Together with the images comes this nice article written by Ana Marques Maia, where we review the reasons and the philosophy behind this series, the photo book, and many other things.

Very grateful to Ana Maia for her interest in the project, and for help spreading it withing the portuguese audience :)

Fotografia. Existe uma escola em Espanha que te ensina a ser pastor
O avô do fotógrafo espanhol Joan Alvado trabalhou no sector primário toda a vida, mas nunca recomendou ao neto que seguisse as mesma


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