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Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Catalan
Biography: Born in Altea in 1979, Joan Alvado has lived in Barcelona since 2005. His works have been published in media like The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, El Pais, Hurriyet, VICE, Descobrir Catalunya, 7K magazine,... read on
"Esmeray" exhibition in Santa Coloma: gender, new femenities and empowerment for Kurdish transexuals in Turkey
joan alvado
May 1, 2019
New exhibition, we are opening today and it can be visited in Santa Coloma (Bcn) until the 09th of June: "Esmeray. New feminities and empowerment for Kurdish Transexuals in Turkey". Is part of the "Kurdish Women" project I made in Turkey years ago. All curated and promoted by the Territorios Libres platform 

I'm happy to be still presenting the very positive story of Esmeray after all these years.

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