Cesar Dezfuli

Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Born in Madrid in 1991, in a context of cultural mixture given by my Spanish-Persian origins, it soon awakens on me an interest to know different social and cultural realities. This will be reflected on my work as journalist and documentary... read on
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'Blocked in Serbia' featured in Social Documentary Network
cesar dezfuli
Feb 24, 2017
Since March 9th, 2016, when the so-called "Balkan route" was closed, and with it any possibility of legal crossing across its borders, thousands of refugees have been stranded in the middle of their way to the European Union. In the case of Serbia, where at the end of August a total of 103,585 refugees had passed by according to UNHCR reports, the number of people remaining in the country and the time they spend there has continued to increase. If before the closure of the borders, there were around a thousand refugees in Serbian territory, now they surpass the 7 thousand according to the last report of 2016.

By Cesar Dezfuli —

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