Deirdre Finzer Read

Visual Research Editor / Based in New York City

Deirdre Finzer Read is a Free Photo Agent. She is the former Deputy Visual Research Editor for Oprah Daily and O, The Oprah Magazine: Quarterly, & Prevention at Hearst Magazines. From 2013-2020 she handled visuals for O, The Oprah... read on
Focus: Journalist, Researcher, Environment, Science, History, Photo Assistant, Documentary, Creative, Photo Editor, Photography, Stock, Lifestyle, Culture, Agent, International News, Arts & Culture, Staff, Freelance, Marketing, Humanitarian, Teacher, Visual Communications , Human Rights, Copyrights, Magazine, Publishing, Editing, Storyteller, Climate, Advocacy, Assistant, Entertainment Journalism, Arts Journalism, Lifestyle Journalism, Digital Journalism, Print Journalism, Deputy Visual Research Editor, History and Culture Desk, War, Feature Stories, Health Stories, International Stories, Wildlife, Conservation, Outdoor adventure, Content Creation, Landscape, Breaking News, Social Justice, Celebrity and Entertainment, Kids, Nature, Reportage, Visual Journalist, Visual Storyteller, Media Buyer, Content, Visual Storytelling