Domenico Giannantonio

The movement of Sardines - a new political entity in Italy
Location: reggio emilia
Nationality: italian
Biography: I was born in 1964 in Italy; I live in Reggio Emilia town. I'm an IT analyst that love the use of photograph to document and report events or life of persons or landscapes and environment changes. I'm not a professional photographer.
Public Story
The movement of Sardines - a new political entity in Italy
Credits: domenico giannantonio
Date of Work: 11/23/19 - 11/23/19
Updated: 11/24/19
Archived as: 
After the "5-star movement" another political phenomenon is
emerging in Italy: the sardine movement. 
A group of 4 young people manages to move hundreds of thousands 
of people in the streets in the name of a policy that rejects hatred, 
indifference, racism, that is the politics of the right.
The game will be played in the upcoming January elections
in Emilia Romagna, where for the first time in more than
half a century the left that has always governed will have
to fight a tough battle against the right that in Italy has 
so far won everywhere. I did this reportage in Reggio Emilia
during the Sardine demonstration that brought over 6,000 people
to the streets, joyful and determined to defeat the right.

By Domenico Giannantonio —

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