Domenico Giannantonio

From dust to life : the rebirth of a man
Location: reggio emilia
Nationality: italian
Biography: I was born in 1964 in Italy; I live in Reggio Emilia town. I'm an IT analyst that love the use of photograph to document and report events or life of persons or landscapes and environment changes. I'm not a professional photographer.
Public Story
From dust to life : the rebirth of a man
Credits: domenico giannantonio
Date of Work: 09/01/15 - 11/01/15
Updated: 11/25/19
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This is the life of a man , 42, who has lived on the streets , who slept on the floor , unwashed for months . He had lost all contact with his world , the Sikh community of his country of origin . No one knew anything about him . I met him by chance one evening , while he was sleeping drunk in the rain . Since that night I tried in every way to help him find a life . And finally we were able to restore dignity . I photographed the most terrible moments and the time when he could finally go home .

By Domenico Giannantonio —


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