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Yuyang Liu: Arsenic poisoning victims in Hunan Province
dirk claus
Oct 13, 2015
“My latest story about Arsenic poisoning victims in Hunan Province, China has been published on Caixin Weekly. The victims live in a village near the highly polluted Arsenic sulphide ore mine and factories, hundreds of people died of skin cancer, lung cancer or liver cancer. Though the government shut down the mine and factory in 2011, but the pollution’s still left over. It’s the dark side of the old economic development mode in China. (by Yuyang Liu, Editors: Lilan Luo, Jia Wan and Sikun Wang)

Read the whole article (in Chinese) and see more pictures on Caixin Weekly:


Born in Ziyang, Sichuan province, Yuyang Liu is currently based in Guangzhou. His photography work focuses on urbanization and immigration issues in a rapidly changing China. He won the 2014 Magnum Foundation Human Rights & Photography Fellowship, through which he studied at an intensive five-week program at New York University. His work has been exhibited in China and the United States. (Chinafile)



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