Dirk Claus

Senior Photo Editor and Multimedia Producer
Founder Of AsiaJournalist.Com
Biography: Dirk Claus is a senior photo and multimedia editor and photography consultant with over fifteen years experience of producing, commissioning and directing photo assignments in Germany and Asia for print and online publications such as stern... read on
Introducing The Asia Journalist Online Magazine
dirk claus
Jun 28, 2015

Delighted to introduce AsiaJournalist.com, an online magazine created with the objective of promoting and showcasing media stories and news related to Asia. Updated on a weekly basis, this work-in-progress blog features photo and multimedia essays, schools, festivals, newspapers, as well as articles about Asian topics. 

The blog is accepting submissions and proposals for new stories, ideas, links, facts, information, etc to make the experience more comprehensive. 

Please share, link, like, dislike, comment, whatever....Thanks, Dirk!



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