chiara ceolin

Tanzania: Child Marriage and Female Genital Cutting
Location: London, UK
Nationality: Italy
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Public Story
Tanzania: Child Marriage and Female Genital Cutting
Credits: chiara ceolin
Date of Work: 08/01/12 - 08/31/12
Updated: 06/25/19
Location: tanzania
A month engaging with Tanzanian teen girls who suffered forced marriage, had early pregnancy and/or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) resulted in a collaborative, multi-media and educative project. Photography played the big role as a medium to engage, play and learn.
Chiara first met the girls during a three days workshop on women rights, family planning and empowerment run by NGO Forward and their local partner Children's Dignity Forum. During these days she carried out a collaborative workshop on photography with a special focus on the use of portraiture as a mean to express deep emotions through the images themselves and through group discussions. The idea behind this approach was to empower the girls giving them the opportunity to learn how to use a camera and take portaits, express themselves and have fun at the same time. Through a mini crowdfunding campaign Chiara managed to bring 10 cameras and a portable printer to the girls. The photos taken by the girls are absolutely amazing and you can see them in Phase 1.
After this first phase which took place in a bigger city, Chiara traveled in the Mara region to meet the girls at their homes in the countryside. Each girl was portrayed in the intimacy of her bedroom and video interviewed to explore their stories and their path to independency.
A collaboration with the Thomson Reuters Foundation ended up with a multimedia piece that you can see in the Multimedia section.
The last, and possibly more impactfull, use of photography was with a Polaroid. Each girl posed in front of her home, after the deep interview the girls came out in the light and were asked to share a dream, a hope or just a consideration and write it on the image. You can see the photos in Phase 4.

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