chiara ceolin

Generation Mobile (ongoing project)
Location: London, UK
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Coming soon...
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Generation Mobile (ongoing project)
Credits: chiara ceolin
Updated: 10/08/19
Cyber space is the new playground and the digital landscape can be quite worrying. 
Generation Mobile explores, through portraiture and participatory photography, the role technology plays in children’s life and its effects on their mind and behaviour. According to research, technology use is not analogous to drug use. We all use technology for important purposes and we need to find healthy ways to use it without letting it take over.
Age is key, apparently. Young children seem to be more affected by screen-time, while with teen-agers it is more complicated, are they addicted or the digital space is where all their friends are?
Does the experience facilitate any form of learning or is it only blocking the creative process? Is this habit shaping a generation of technology-addicted children? 

My approach in taking these portraits varies depending on the age group. With young children, I re-create a situation as it was told me by the parents, with older children I am planning to use participatory techniques to create the right image. My aim is to produce 50 portraits of children between 0 to 17 years old. 

I am collecting stories from parents, relatives, carers and children themselves, so please get in touch at to share your experience.

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