Charlotte Schmitz

Exhibition at Leica Gallery Istanbul
Location: Istanbul
Nationality: German
Biography: Charlotte has developed very consistent and original work about the issues that affect her as a young contemporary woman. She is building a very interesting narrative using compelling images to convey a deliberately personal approach. She has... read on
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Exhibition at Leica Gallery Istanbul
charlotte schmitz
Mar 17, 2018
»Leica Gallery Istanbul is pleased to host the exhibition “A Room of One’s Own” by Meltem Işık, Charlotte Schmitz, Tahmineh Monzavi and Cansu Yıldıran which will run from March 22nd 2018 to May 5th 2018.

The challenges that are addressed in the book “A Room of One’s Own” can still transcend today’s world view and are expressed through the works of four women artists in the exhibition. The artists are inspired by personal experience or by combining reality and fiction, just like Woolf. Each artist comes from a different part of the world and with her own photographic language, brings out obsolete values and the expectations that still trap women today.«


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