Carl Bower

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Location: Denver, Colorado
Nationality: United States
Biography: I'm a Denver-based editorial photographer whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. I like reportage when time allows, and portraits when it doesn't. I play nice with others and get things done.
Public Project
Private Fears
We are not defined by our fears, but I believe they cut to the core of our being in a way that most other feelings do not. Love, hope, humor, determination, solidarity; these we express freely and are often expected of us socially. They unite. Our fears are held closely, and while some elements are held in common, the experience of them is intensely personal and often isolating.

I've asked complete strangers to do something I lack the courage to do myself, to share their secrets and be photographed. Some find it cathartic, an early step toward loosening the grip fears have on their lives. Going out on a limb and finding that they do not fall.

I'm drawn to the dichotomy between who we are and who we appear to be, of how little we know about those around us and what they carry. These small insights might spark a bit of empathy, a suspension of judgement for those who sometimes respond in unexpected ways. That is my hope, though my intent is not purely altruistic, but more of a personal compulsion. I just want to know.

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