Angelos Tzortzinis

Little Left to Lose
Location: GREECE
Nationality: GREEK
Biography: In an age of 22, I finished my studies at the Leica Academy of Creative Photography in Athens. During the past 5 years I am working on the immigration issue in Greece, traveling across the Greek land and sea borders but also documenting the... MORE
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Little Left to Lose
Copyright Angelos Tzortzinis 2022
Updated Jan 2014
Topics Documentary, Human Rights, Photography

''Just for five euros, just for five euros'' she whispered. Greece wallows in a deep crisis and the consequences of the Crisis have just begun to appear. In the dark alleys of central Athens, young women prostitute daily for five euros, their only way to obtain their daily fix. A new drug named ‘’sisha’’ , also known as the "cocaine of the poor" made its appearance in the centre of the city. It costs three to five euros per fix and is consisted by barbiturates and other ingredients like alcohol, chlorine or even battery fluids and is an easy and cheap solution for calming these addicted women. Many of them are forced to have sex without any precautions, being vulnerable to all kind of venereal disease. Incidents of violence are also quiet often during their meetings with all kind of men, very often leading to rape. As large sweep operations and the visual reconstruction of the city are the only plans of the government, the face of the city centre will eventually change but these women who are some of the real victims of this crisis, will remain scared and imperishable in time.

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Little Left to Lose by Angelos Tzortzinis
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