Angelos Tzortzinis

In search of the European dream
Location: GREECE
Nationality: GREEK
Biography: In an age of 22, I finished my studies at the Leica Academy of Creative Photography in Athens. During the past 5 years I am working on the immigration issue in Greece, traveling across the Greek land and sea borders but also documenting the... MORE
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In search of the European dream
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Updated May 2015
Location GREECE
Topics Borders, Immigration, Personal, Photojournalism

Immigration to Europe has increased over the past thirty years, mainly because of political and social turmoil in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, often the result of Western policies. During the recent years, Greece has been the path for thousands immigrants for their crossing from Turkey to Greece and other European countries. The main places of entrance are the islands of Samos, Mytilini, Agathonisi, Kos by sea and by land, the region of Euros. Greek government, in an effort to minimize the wave of migrants entering the country has built an 8-mile long and 8-feet high barbed-wire wall at the main entrance point at its northeastern borderline with Turkey. This caused a huge wave of migrants trying to enter the country by the Aegean sea. Thousands of migrants and refugees lost their lives in their attempt to reach European countries, mostly at the sea border of Greece and Italy. At the time I write this text, one and a half million Syrians wait in Turkey to cross the sea border for a better life.  I grew up in a poor neighborhood, near to the centre of Athens and I still live there. When I was a child, there were a lot of immigrants from Iraq, who were living in the same neighborhood. I remember myself wondering how all these people came in Greece and what they left behind. Years later I decided to explore my youth concerns. I stayed in an isolated beach, in Lesbos Island, for several days with my only goal to see the faces of the people as they were arriving after a two-hour journey from Turkey to Greece through Aegean sea, for a better life. Instead of taking my answers, my questions multiplied and as a result I decided to continue my project.

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In search of the European dream by Angelos Tzortzinis
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