Arianna Pagani

Filmmaker, Multimedia journalist
The Earth Holds Me Documentary
Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Hi, this is Arianna . I’m a filmmaker and multimedia journalist.My work over the years has focused on issues related to political and military conflicts, human rights and humanitarian and environmental crises. I have covered a number of... MORE
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The Earth Holds Me Documentary
arianna pagani
Dec 19, 2021
Location: Atena Lucana
A documentary by Sara Manisera e Arianna Pagani.

Ivan Di Palma is a farmer, with a degree in philosophy, who chose to return to his village in Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, to devote himself to the wheat sowing.

Teresa Vallone is an elderly woman, a peasant, who chose to emigrate to Germany when she was young, abandoning the land to improve the living conditions of her children.

Their stories intertwine following the cycle of the seasons and the life of a grain of wheat, from sowing to harvesting, questioning the past, the present but above all the planet's future that will be left to the next generations.


Director: Sara Manisera
Authors: Sara Manisera and Arianna Pagani
Cinematography: Arianna Pagani
Editing: Mattia BIancucci
Lenght: 64'
Location: Parco del Cilento e Vallo di Diano, Italy
Production year: 2020/2021
Year of distribution: 2023
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The Earth Holds Me Documentary  by Arianna Pagani
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