Anne Ackermann

documentary photographer & photojournalist
House of Pasha
Location: Speyer
Nationality: Germany
Biography: Anne Ackermann is a documentary photographer based in Germany working worldwide. Her work often focuses on women’s and contemporary issues, touching themes ranging from migration and aftermath to skin bleaching and plastic surgery, from... read on
Exclusive Story
House of Pasha
Copyright anne ackermann 2021
Date of Work 10/21/18 - Ongoing
Updated 12/16/18
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My work ‘House of Pasha’ looks at cultural views and expectations on women in Albania using proverbs, song text snippets, and images. Purity at the time of marriage traditionally is one of them.

In a society which is in transition to a more western oriented lifestyle medical interventions to restore virginity are in demand. They are both legal and done in secret. This first chapter draft looks at the theme of purity and the atmospheres of shame, ideal and deception surrounding it.

This project is a work in progress and supported by a grant from VG Bild Kunst Germany (2017).