'This life is a mix of poison and honey' is a rhythmical alternation between themed photo sequences, illustrations and short proverbs from Albania.
It draws the viewer into a visual meditation on the place of women in general while alluding to the fact that true equality between the sexes is still a distant reality. Though set in Albania, this book is thought as a mirror for our society.

Together with Alexa Becker (editor), Björn Schmidt (designer), Ermira Danaj (writer) and Marc Prüst (story editor) I was able to portray women’s conditions and struggles, but also their "inner energy to live and often subvert the patriarchy, in such ways that allow them to carry on with self agency and individuality." (E. Danaj).

Creating this body of work meant a fundamental process of personal growth, reflection and understanding which I recorded in an essay included in the book.

Softcover with detached spine (300 g/qm Gmund Heather)
  • 11,4 x 17,10 cm
  • 156 pages
  • 54 color ills. and 11 drawings
  • english
  • 115 g/qm Lessebo Design smooth white
  • publisher: KEHRER 

Trailer ( see above) done by Michelle Gachet
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Location Germany
Topics Albania, Art, Gender Equality, Photobook