Andrew George

Secondhand Nature
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: Photographer Andrew George is based in Los Angeles.  His work has been in 17 international exhibitions and recently shown in Bulgaria and Australia.  Andrew has won numerous awards for his photography and his work has appeared in the... read on
Public Story
Secondhand Nature
Credits: andrew george
Updated: 02/24/12

In Secondhand Nature, I am interested in how adaptive and resourceful nature can be.  These images involve the chance interplay of organic matter coexisting with man-made material, brought about by necessity and not design.  These visual collaborations assert a striking alchemy that I have seen in many places I’ve traveled to.  My subjects transcend their inherent limitations and become something else, something undefinable and yet layered, intricate and beautiful.  I can only attribute this new incarnation to a natural law that enduringly rearranges after our disruption of space and place.  I don’t pretend to love this world as it is, but I do love what my camera sees when I take these photographs; there is hope and survival somehow, and it exists entirely beyond our control.