Alvaro Laiz

Those who return
Location: Spain / Russia
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Álvaro Laiz (b.1981) is a Spanish photographer and artist whose work deals with narratives where traditional culture, nature and industrial development converge. ____ "For Álvaro, the artistic practice and way of living resemble... read on
Public Story
Those who return
Credits: alvaro laiz
Updated: 12/17/16
Location: dersú
Archived as: 
The Russian Old Believers originated in the 17th century when some believers didn’t accept the reforms made in the Church. Fleeing persecution, many fled to outlying areas in Russia, Siberia, and the Far East. However, the advent of atheistic Soviet rule in 1917 destroyed the Old Believers’ way of life. They were forced to flee abroad to escape persecution. Most of them found their way to Latin America, where vacant land was available.

Now, almost 100 years before they are coming back. A new generation of Old Believers will be born and raised in their Motherland for the first time since the Russian Revolution.


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