Alvaro Laiz

Location: Spain / Russia
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Álvaro Laiz (b.1981) is a Spanish photographer and artist whose work deals with narratives where traditional culture, nature and industrial development converge. ____ "For Álvaro, the artistic practice and way of living resemble... read on
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Credits: alvaro laiz
Updated: 03/03/18
Location: Gulu
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The war in northern Uganda began in 1986 and has been marked by the LRA's well-documented brutality against civilians, including the seizure of children to be used as fighters and sex slaves, and the widespread use of mutilation, cutting off the lips, ears, noses and limbs of victims. The violence has led to nearly two million people being displaced from their homes and being forced to live in refugee camps. Human rights groups have also reported war crimes by the government army, the Ugandan People's Defence Forces.

Behind that conflict lies identity, territorial and economic reasons between. This inequality was born generations ago, from the random borders stablished after british decolonization that forced to live all together farmers with nomads, christian with islamic. The LRA leader, Joseph Kony wants to overthrow Museveni from ugandan government and establishing a teocratical ten commandment-based state in Northern Uganda. 

Once J. Kony was included among the most wanted war criminals list Sudan Government stop supporting LRA and allowed UPDF (Ugandan People Defence Force) to enter Sudan in order to chase down Kony. Today the horror has gone from Uganda, but it hasn´t vanish. It just moved away. The abductions, killings and slaughterings committed by the LRA have a new scenario in DR Congo.

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