Alvaro Laiz

Location: Spain / Russia
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Álvaro Laiz (b.1981) is a Spanish photographer and artist whose work deals with narratives where traditional culture, nature and industrial development converge. ____ "For Álvaro, the artistic practice and way of living resemble... read on
Public Story
Credits: alvaro laiz
Updated: 09/28/16
Location: Costa da morte
Goose-barnacle fishermen, called percebeiros, risk injury and death daily in their quest for per-cebes on Galicia’s northwestern coast, Costa da Morte.It’s a dangerous and traditional profession, often passeddown in families for hundreds of years. It can also be remunerative: The delicacy can cost as much as €200 per kilo ($125 per pound) at a restaurant in Spain.

It is a conscious career choice for many. Not everyonefled the profession on Spain’s Atlantic “Coast of Death”when high-paying construction jobs were available inrecent boom times. But after the nation spiraled into eco-nomic crisis and unemployment skyrocketed, many wereforced back to the dangerous life of a percebeiro.

Most of these photographs were taken in the village of Aguiño, Spain. It has 80 to 100 legal goose-barnacle fishermen, though an increase in the price for a permit hasled some to hunt the prized crustaceans illegally at night. It involves scaling rocks battered by tsunami-like waves,or swimming underwater into caves. 

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