Alyssa Coppelman

Photo Editor, Archival Researcher, Photobook Consultant
Location: Austin, Texas
Biography: I am a photo editor, art and archival researcher and photobook consultant. I regularly work as Art Resarcher with   Harper’s Magazine   and the Oxford American magazine, and as Archival Researcher for  Brief But Spectacular ,... read on

Also by Alyssa Coppelman —


Publication of Edwin Tse in Harper's Magazine

By Alyssa Coppelman — While looking for images to publish along with an essay on the death penalty by Mary Cuddehe, published in..

The Mysterious, Maddening World of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

By Alyssa Coppelman — A documentary film by Drew Xanthopoulos, currently in post-production. Read more about what people with..

Arko Datto on WIRED Photo

By Alyssa Coppelman — Arko Datto uses Google Maps to bring attention to migrant worker abuse in the Arabian Peninsula in his..
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