Ed Wray

But I Am Also So Much More Than That
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality: U.S.
Biography: Over years of poking into the dusty corners and vibrant streets of Asia, primarily as a chief photographer with The Associated Press, and now as an independent photographer, I've developed the knack of quickly connecting with people, and... read on
Exclusive Story
But I Am Also So Much More Than That
Credits: ed wray
Updated: 09/27/20
Location: Indonesia
These are some. examples of empowered Indonesian Women.  the first three are portraits of Sita Tyasutami, who was the first recorded case of Covid-19 in Indonesia.  Because she is a dancer, and because her name was released via the press, she was bombarded on social media with horrible name calling by people who assumed she is a sex worker, which she is not.  She has since recovered and is a strong voice educating on the dangers of Covid-19 and social media bullying.  The other images are of various rural Indonesian women living in the countryside.