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The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C., with a particular emphasis on national politics and the federal government / Based in Washington, D.C.

 In Sight is The Washington Post photography blog for visual narrative. This platform showcases compelling and diverse imagery from staff and freelance photographers, news agencies, and archives. If you are interested in... read on

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How do I subscribe to The Washington Post? 

Here is the direct link to subscribe: SUBSCRIBE

What is the best way to pitch an idea for an In Sight post to an editor?
Submit your In Sight photo story ideas here.

What do Editors look for when evaluating stories? What makes a project or story successful?
We are looking for strong visual narratives and unpublished stories with the potential to have national or international impact.

What should a photographer include in his or her submission?
Photographers should include 20-25 images, or a link to the work on a personal website,  a title and summary of the story, date the work was photographed, and when and where the work was previously published.

What types of submissions are you hoping to receive?
We want to see visual stories that surprise and move us. We are not interested in subject matter we have already published.  Photographers should review the In Sight blog and not submit stories that are similar to our recently published work.

What kinds of credentials do you look for?
We are looking for photographers with a strong understanding of journalism and ethics.
Do you pay for images or stories that have been self-published on either Instagram or Facebook or both? Yes, if the work is strong enough, we will pay for self-published stories.

What is The Washington Post Talent Network?
It is a digital platform that Washington Post editors use to assign freelancers, and that freelancers use to pitch stories. Our aim is to open up the newsroom to more ideas for news coverage from across the country and the world, and to more easily locate the best freelance talent when breaking news occurs outside Washington.

What happens if I am "invited" into the Talent Network by an editor?

Invitations to join the Talent Network come from editors who have a prior relationship with a freelancer or know they want to commission a piece. It means you are admitted to the Talent Network. You should fill out your profile at your very earliest convenience. To complete your profile, click on the link provided in the invitation email. That will take you to your profile page; you'll be asked to enter contact information, education, work experience, clips and links to social media accounts.