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Empowering Students through Education : Thai Tamil Palli
Location: Abu Dhabi
Nationality: India
Biography: Vidhyaa is an Indian Editorial and documentary freelance photographer based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, her work mainly focuses on an issue relating to women & girls and middle east culture, subjects’ experiences are integral to her approach to... read on
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Empowering Students through Education : Thai Tamil Palli
"Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self respect" inspired quote by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Thai Tamil Palli was started in the year 2000, located at Roshanai Tindivanum, Tamil Nadu, the school empowering underprivileged students through education. Most of the students parent are working as a daily wages employees. The school provide completely free education in the native language and most importantly its been supported by the general public and  not government-funded.  These children are the first generation getting an education.

The delighted to inform that through the recent won of community award's cash reward which was donated to EduRight Foundation’s India  which  benefited for these under-privileged students education. Happy to see that school play an important role in shaping a nation’s future by facilitating the development of its future citizens.

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