Valérie Berta

Les Gens du Voyage
Location: Columbia, MO, U.S.
Nationality: American, French
Biography: Valérie Berta is an international photographer based in the United States. She was born and raised on the Riviera, in the South of France, studied English in Paris and journalism at the University of Missouri­Columbia and worked as a... read on
Public Story
Les Gens du Voyage
Credits: valérie berta
Updated: 04/05/16
Location: United States
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Les Gens du Voyage is a reflection on places seen as we moved through the country, one day at a time, a different town every day, small towns, mostly, but not always, abandonned towns, sometimes, fading towns, rural America, left behind in the twenty-first century, the way the circus may be, soon.


By Valérie Berta —

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