Carlos Javier Ortiz

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      Carlos Javier Ortiz is an American  documentary photographer  and experimental filmmaker. Carlos Javier Ortiz is a visual artist, he works with photography,... read on



Carlos Javier Ortiz is an American documentary photographer and experimental filmmaker.

Carlos Javier Ortiz is a visual artist, he works with photography, experimental documentary films and text, projection projects and specializes in long-term documentaries that focus on urban life, gun violence, race, poverty and marginalized communities. Ortiz collaborates with his subjects by asking them to share their personal narratives and testimonials. His projects are collected and published and is exhibited internationally in galleries and museums. His work is in collections including the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture New York, NY, the MoCP, The International Museum of Photography, Rochester, New York and The Library of Congress, D.C., His work has appeared in: The Atlantic, The New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post,Time Magazine, NPR, The Guardian, and Stern Magazine. He was a staff photographer for “Chicago In The Year 2000″, a yearlong project.