Dana Ullman

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Location: new york
Nationality: USA
Biography: Dana Ullman is a New York-based freelance photojournalist and writer whose work focuses on humanizing statistics and social issues through storytelling. Dana's stories have been published by the New York Times, the International Consortium of... read on

"The system failed them before they even got to that point [prison]." - Kim Dadou, a formerly incarcerated survivor of domestic violence.

Incarcerated women disproportionately serve time for nonviolent crimes stemming from mental health issues, physical and sexual abuse. The circumstances leading to their arrest are imperative to gaining a better understanding of these women and how to design policies that serve lives rather than hinder them.

Worldwide, as the number of incarcerated women rises and incarceration increasingly defines our society and economy internationally, I ask - What is the purpose of imprisonment?


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