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Domestic Borders - The Danube Isn't Blue
Includes 27 images
Credit: tommaso rada via Visura
Asset ID: VA13560
Caption: Available
Copyright: © tommaso rada, 2023
Location: romania

tommaso rada

Based in Sao Paulo

Tommaso Rada is an Italian photographer currently living in São Paulo, Brasil. Tommaso Rada is a documentary photographer working on socio-economic issues. His projects describing the surrounding society are aims more to create...
Also by tommaso rada —
Bulgaria, Nikopol. A view of Turno Magurele industrial area. Turno Magurele industries caused a massive pollution of the area.
Romania, Giurgiu. A man working as security guard stand on a barrack in front of an abandoned factory that he watch.
Romania, Zimnicea. An unemployed man smell a local flower. Most of the people of city emigrate in other European countries to find a job. During the 1977 Romanian earthquake not many buildings have been destroyed.Most of the destruction was actually done after the natural disaster by bulldozer, being ordered by communist authorities, as a means to create a town from scratch on a new design.Ten years later, the newly built infrastructure was falling apart due mainly to poor workmanship
Romania, Orsova. Teenager chill out on the lake creted by a dam on the Danube River.
Romania, Eforie Nord. Empty swimming pools in a Black Sea resort
Bulgaria, Vidin. An evangelist priest pose in his church. In Bulgaria, evangelism religion increased its believers in the last years.
Bulgaria, Bardaski Geran. A MIG plane uses as a monument in the main square of a village.
Romania, Dobromir. Local Mufti. Dobromir is the only Romanian village with the 90% of muslin.Â
Romania, Orsova. A communist style monument with a wrote welcoming refugees.
Romania, Giurgiu. A border policemen check for illegal migrants.
Romania, Calarasi. A Romanian family cross the Danube in a ferry.
Romania, Techirghiol. A view of a sanatorium
Romania, Calarasi. A farmer with his sheep.
Bulgaria, Belene. a view of the Danube River.
Romania, Constança. A young couple having some food near an abandoned military bunker.
Romania, Tulcea. A church has been built in the countryside of Tulcea. After the fall of the comunism regimen, religion became more and more popular.
Romania, Baile Herculane. a view of a popular thermal resort.
Romania, Tulcea. a cargo boat enter in the port of Tulcea.
Bulgaria, Kozloduy. Interior of a nuclear plant.
Romania, Techirghiol. A view of a sanatorium.
Bulgaria, Vidin. An unemployed man look at the Danube. Vidin has one of the higher unemployment rate of Bulgaria.
Romania, Dabuleni. The Dabuleni desert is the only one in Europe; the desertification start because intensive agricultural exploitation.
Romania, Calafat. Two teenagers couple pose in front of a communist style monument.
Romania, Tulcea. Fishermen prepare for a day of work. In Romania is now forbidden to fish sturgions because in risk of extinction but on the other side of the Danube Delta, in Ukraine, the fishing is still allowed.Â
Romania, Tulcea. and abandoned theatre in the center of the city.
Romania, Vidin. Riverside of the Danube. Vidin is one of the poorest region of Bulgaria.
Romania, Tulcea. Birds fly on a field.