Sara White

Patterns in Chaos
Location: Lancaster
Nationality: American
Biography: Sara White is originally from Baltimore, MD but currently resides in Lancaster, PA where she attends the Pennsylvania College of Art & Deisgn to obtain her BFA in Photography. Her work aims to cause a reaction within the viewer; whether it be... read on
Public Story
Patterns in Chaos
Credits: sara white
Date of Work: 09/21/17 - 04/04/18
Updated: 07/08/19
In my journey to find a balance with what I can and cannot control I have been photographing physical manifestations of my emotions as well as recreating memories that have left a significant scar. I cannot fix everything even though I try, rationally I know this but it hasn't stopped me from trying. The end result has been self-destructive behavior.

I have been reintroducing myself to past traumas while coming to terms with what happened, how it affected me, and how I have grown as a person. This work is a coping method. A controlled environment where I can lose control and process things that I have either repressed or lied to myself about.

My photographs are a way to communicate how I have grown from these events and how some still have a hold on me. Work by artists such as Todd Hido, Tracey Baran, and Gregory Crewdson have assisted in navigating how I want to convey these difficult topics. While they each have very different subject matter there are aspects within each artists work that are influential to how I tell my story.

I am forgiving the past and moving forward with my life. This work is my way of reclaiming who I am and that while my past helped shape me into who I am it does not define me.

By Sara White —

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