Vilhelm Stokstad

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Location: Stockholm
Nationality: Swedish
Biography: My main interest lies in documentary photography. In 2013 i started working on the project  Voluntourism , investigating the phenomenon of mixing volunteer work with vacation. As the larger NGOs and more established volunteer agencies,... read on
Public Story
Myanmar's Lost Generations
Credits: vilhelm stokstad
Date of Work: 01/17/18 - 02/17/18
Updated: 07/12/18
Location: Laiza, Myanmar

Kachin Youth Locked in Protracted Conflict
For the young generations in Myanmar's conflict-ridden north, war controls everything. Ongoing since the early 1960's, the conflict limits access to education, livelihoods and life itself.

Kachin state is a perfect example of a "protracted crisis", where insecurity and refugeehood has become norm rather than exception, as local and international relief organizations struggle to provide help.


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