Steven Edson

Documentary Photographer
Location: Boston, Ma
Nationality: USA
Biography: As a documentary photographer working on personal as well as client projects, I enjoy collaborating with print and digital creatives to help tell the vital stories about the relationships of people to people, places and objects. It never ceases to... read on
Public Story
I recently came back from a self assigned project in Chicago where I worked on creating more diverse content with several different portfolios. I am trying to wrap up one project on 'Religious Statuary' where I have found the most interesting and diverse source material is in predominately older and more established industrial American cities. Thru research, I knew that Chicago would have several landmark cemeteries that I could continue my work in. Another project is the study of buildings and architecture which I also knew Chicago wouldnt let me down with and yet another project is my love for street photography which serves as a catylist and incubator to wander and explore until the last light is completely gone from the sky. I always heard that Chicago was a great city for its history, culture, food and achitecture, but I was definitely blown away by what the Windy City has to offer. After my 2nd of 4 days there, I already knew that I would have to come back as often as possbile. 

By Steven Edson —

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