Kamila Stepien

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Location: Paris
Nationality: polish
Biography: Her passion is to mix cinematographic framing, and fantasy and intense colors  posed on sometimes terrible stories that she tells. obsessed with documenting the consequences of current conflicts and the policies that reign in the world on the... read on
Private Story
KIEV - Surrogacy buisness
Credits: kamila stepien
Date of Work: 05/07/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 06/26/19
Location: kyiv
Archived as: 

Surrogacy buisness in Ukraine

Yulia is a 31-year-old surrogate mother from southern Ukraine. Mother of a 3.5-year-old child, she is a midwife nurse and her husband is a mechanic. After her first average, she was so happy to allow another woman to become a mother that she wanted to do it again. Next month, she will give birth to French twins for Sylvie and her husband, French citizens, who have decided to resort to this illegal practice in France after 20 years of trying to have children in vitro, among others. Since the Maidan revolution, Ukraine has become the cheapest GPA country in Europe.
Suffering from endometriosis, I may not be able to carry out a pregnancy myself, so I want women like me to know that this controversial method in France is not as black as in the media, despite the moral questions I obviously ask myself.

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