Sarah Lewis

Snout to Table: Growing a pig in Interior Alaska
Location: Fairbanks AK
Nationality: american
Biography: Sarah Lewis is a professional photographer who has served the Fairbanks, Alaska area and beyond for the past seven years.  She specializes in editorial photography, portraiture, and fine art photography, and has extensive experience in... read on
Public Story
Snout to Table: Growing a pig in Interior Alaska
Credits: sarah lewis
Date of Work: 06/07/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/28/19
Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
My friend Jennifer Nu is a scientist, writer, and food enthusiast who lives between her dry cabin in Fairbanks and Juneau, Alaska.  Over the past few years, her interest in food has led her into a series of personal challenges related to producing her own food and using every. last. bit.  In 2018 she bought a lamb at slaughter; in 2019, she decided to start even earlier down the chain by investing in a piglet housed at a local farm, and I asked her if I could tag along to document the experience.  The year was spent enlisting a group of friends to help, learning the ins and outs of raising pigs in interior Alaska, and a crash course in small-scale butchering.  All decisions were based on maximizing the purpose of each part - for example, they chose to use a method of scraping the hair versus skinning the carcass in order to use the 'rind' in charcuterie.  The pig was dispatched and butchered in October, and the rest of the winter will be spent exploring all the ways all parts of the pig can and will be used, from rendered lard to lace fat to trotters.  I will be continuing to visit and photograph Jen's pig-related culinary adventures through the winter, as she will doubtlessly conjure creative ways to utilize even parts that seem unuseable, and how to incorporate as many other locally produced ingredients as possible.  

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