Simon Andrew MacArthur

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Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Nationality: British
Biography: Born in Claverham, England—Simon Andrew MacArthur is a documentary photographer whose work is focused on visually interpreting the world through an environmental lens.  In 1984, Simon completed a BA in Documentary Photography from The... read on
Public Story
Folded Earth
Credits: simon andrew macarthur
Date of Work: 09/15/18 - 11/25/18
Updated: 07/05/19
This series of landscapes is culled from my travels through Asia and the Western United States late in 2018. I spent three months in a bare-bones trek through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, using only local transport, rented mopeds or bicycle. I stayed in hostels or homestays. I went during the rainy season so I was constantly somewhere between just moist to soaking wet. You learn to adapt and keep your cameras dry.

Almost as soon as I returned to the States, I fulfilled a long-standing dream to drive, very slowly, across the US in a rented RV. I was frequently moved to tears by the Utah desert. The mountains of Northern Vietnam around Du Gia were another highlight. The fabled Northern Loop is a must-do for the intrepid traveler..

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