Shuran Huang

Photo Editor
Location: Washington D.C.
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Born in mainland China, Shuran Huang is an independent photographer based in Washington D.C. Her work focuses on family, traditions and culture. Recently, she worked as a photography intern at National Public Radio. Before moving to Washington... read on
Public Story
Credits: shuran huang
Date of Work: 07/05/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 10/21/19
Archived as: 

By Shuran Huang —


Copy of Foster Migrant Children

By Shuran Huang — Rosa has been living at a sanctuary in Bethesda, MD for nine months. She can't leave the property as ICE slaps an ankle monitor on her. She..


By Shuran Huang

Foster Migrant Children

By Shuran Huang — Christi is not a typical foster mother. She takes in migrant children from Central America who have been separated from their families at the border.

Strands of Love

By Shuran Huang — It is a brisk fall day in 2017. Charleston Collins Sr. is with a customer. Bespectacled and dressed in a black jacket, he snips, chops and combs..

Wushu Coaches Help Students Master Literacy And 'Become A Better Person'

By Shuran Huang — On a hot July day in Fairfax, Va., husband and wife coaching team Christopher Peí and Zhāng Guìfèng, patted their students on..


By Shuran Huang — ARISE Schools empower and support its schools to meet the needs of the communities they serve and prepare each and every student for lifetime..

Preview: Strands of Love

By Shuran Huang — My STRANDS OF LOVE project came from my desire to document the impact of a family living in a diverse community for over a half-century. The..
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