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By Lisa Elmaleh
Updated Apr 21, 2010
The Everglades is the only ecological system of its kind. In the dedication...
Animals, Art, Documentary, Environment, Everglades, Fine Art, Landscape, Nature + Landscape, Photography, Water, Wildlife
An Antarctic Expedition
By Carolyn Monastra
Updated Jul 27, 2013
This series of pictures was taken during an expedition to the Antarctic in...
Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Photography, The Witness Tree - Landscapes Affected By Climate Change, Wildlife
Up In The Mountain
By Alinne Rezende
Updated Sep 27, 2013
Abandonment, Cyprus, Documentary, Environment, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Troodos, Wildlife
The Arctic
By Carolyn Monastra
Updated Oct 02, 2013
In August 2013, I spent three weeks in the Arctic as artist-in-residence...
Activism, Animals, Documentary, Fine Art, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Photography, Photojournalism, The Arctic, THe Witness Tree, Landscapes Affected By Climate Change, Travel, Wildlife
OuLa Sheep
By Qiang Chen
Updated Nov 03, 2013
AnHui, Animals, Arts, China, HeFei, Photography, Portraiture, Wildlife
By Susan Feinberg
Updated Nov 19, 2013
All photos are taken from the rooftop of my building. There is never a...
Candid, Environmental, Graphic Design, Landscape, New York City, Photography, Street, Travel, Wildlife
West Coast Trail
By Ben Benvie
Updated Dec 08, 2014
Photographs taken while hiking the West Coast Trail  on Vancouver...
Hiking, Landscape, Trail, Travel, Wildlife
The Witness Tree
By Carolyn Monastra
Updated Jan 12, 2014
The Witness Tree  is a photography project documenting the effects of...
Abuse, Activism, Agriculture, Animals, Beaches, Belief, Climate Change, Desert, Documentary, Drought, Editorial, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Epidemics, Fine Art, Fire, Flooding, Food, Forest, Global Warming, Globalization, Human Rights, Landscape, Melting Sea Ice, Migration, Photography, Portraiture, Science, Sea Level Rise, Spirituality, Travel, Water, Wildlife
Natural Selection
By Ignacio Evangelista
Updated Mar 09, 2014
Animals, Architecture, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Landscape, Natural Selection, Photography, Wildlife, Zoo, Animals, Nature, Artificial
Wild Horses Of Kaapsehoop
By Linda Louw
Updated Sep 01, 2014
They say that dog is man’s best friend, but throughout history the...
Animals, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Kaapsehoop, Photography, Wild Horses, Wildlife
Park Life
By Ivano Grasso
Updated Apr 27, 2017
    The Pineta of Castel Fusano is the largest green area in...
Rome Italy Action, Activism, Animals, Community, Conservation, Corruption, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Environment, Environmental, Fire, Forest, Globalization, Illegal Trafficking, Landscape, Lifestyle, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Prostitution, Sports, Transgender, Travel, Vacation, Wildlife
Wonderland Trail
By Ben Benvie
Updated Dec 09, 2014
A series of photographs taken during my hike on the Wonderland Trail in Mt....
Hiking, Landscape, Trail, Travel, Wildlife
Appalachian Trail
By Ben Benvie
Updated Dec 15, 2014
A series of photographs taken during my hike on the Appalachian Trail.
Hiking, Landscape, Trail, Travel, Wildlife
Chasing Winter (In Progress)
By Katie Orlinsky
Updated Dec 17, 2015

Alaska Climate Change, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Photojournalism, Travel, Wildlife
Sailing Issues
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Feb 18, 2015
Sailing issues In the Bay of Pollença (Mallorca Island, Spain), after a...
Black And White, Conceptual, Documentary, Emotion, Fear, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Sports, Still Life, Travel, Wildlife
Of Snow
By Dimitri Mellos
Updated Dec 04, 2015
Central Park, New York Animals, Beauty, Birds, Candid, Central Park, Dogs, Dreams, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Happiness, Joy, Landscape, New York, Personal, Photography, Snow, Snowfall, Water, Wildlife
By Viacheslav Kabanov
Updated Apr 02, 2015
Integration The modern civilization has put itself in a deadlock in...
Arts, Fear, Forest, Freedom, Kabanovphoto, Nude, Wildlife
The MatséS
By Paul Patrick Borhaug
Updated Sep 18, 2015
The Matsés are an indigenous people whose territories are divided by the...
Javari, Peru Blood Of The Earth, Environmental, Indigenous, Landscape, MatséS, Matses, Oil, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Rainforest, Wildlife
By Alvaro Laiz
Updated Dec 15, 2016
Udege people have lived in the Boreal Jungle for hundreds of years. Due to...
Khabarovsk Animism, Documentary, Environmental, Hunter, Personal, Russia, Siberia, Taiga, Wildlife
The Bird-Snake Mansion
By AdriáN UrréJola
Updated Jun 04, 2015
“Man is the only animal that nature has given consciousness,...
Environmental, Forest, Nature, Wildlife
Around The World Adventure
By Albert Normandin
Updated Apr 27, 2017
A few images from the Ethiopia, Tanzania section of my trip Around the World...
Ethiopia Abstract, Arts, Beauty, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Happiness, Historical, Hope, Joy, Landscape, Love, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Rape, Religion, Spirituality, Travel, Water, Wildlife
Animal Portraits
By Amy C. Smith
Updated Dec 21, 2015
These images are portraits of some of the animals I have encountered in my...
All Over Animals, Portraiture, Wildlife
By Timofey Izotov
Updated Sep 04, 2015
bastard bitch
Russia Arts, Conceptual, Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape, Mixed Medium, Photojournalism, Still Life, Wildlife
By Andrea Santolaya
Updated Apr 25, 2018
WHERE WATER RUMBLES Life inside the Delta has been articulated around...
San Francisco De Guayo Abstract, Action, Animals, Arts, Beauty, Birth, Black And White, Children, Conceptual, Documentary, Dreams, Education, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Epidemics, Faith, Family, Feminism, Fine Art, Forest, Freedom, Gender, Globalization, Historical, Human Rights, Illness, Immigration, Isolation, Landscape, Lifestyle, Loss, Love, Minority, Motherhood, Multimedia, Oppression, Pandemics, Parenting & Family, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Relationships, Religion, Sexuality, Sorrow, Spirituality, Transgender, Travel, Underwater, Wildlife, Womens Rights, Youth
The Other Side / An Italian Story
By Gjivovich Maurizio
Updated Nov 06, 2015
The other side /  an Italian story The images in this story were taken...
Black And White, Events, Photojournalism, Wildlife
From The Heart Of The Volcano
By Paulo Monteiro
Updated Dec 26, 2015
Three hundred thousand years is the age of the youngest island of the...
Island Of Pico, Azores Black And White, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Photography, Travel, Wildlife
By Travelling Wurope
Updated Jan 31, 2016
I have travelled almost everywhere in Europe. This portfolio is work in...
Sweden Architecture, Black And White, Candid, Editorial, Environmental, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Sports, Street, Travel, Wildlife
Like Fish Out Of Water
By José Javier Delgado Esteban
Updated Jan 27, 2016
Under an ancient law of the United Kingdom, whales like this Sperm Whale are...
Old Hunstanton Black And White, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Events, Photography, Wildlife
Humpback Whales Of The South Pacific
By José Javier Delgado Esteban
Updated Jan 27, 2016
The Whale Nation Project started as a 100% self-funded venture where I was...
Kingdom Of Tonga Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Photography, Underwater, Wildlife
Events In My Town ŠUmperk And Surroundings
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Feb 02, 2016
The people, events and surroundings of my town Šumperk.  Šumperk was...
Czech Republic, ŠUmperk Documentary, Events, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Sports, Street, Wildlife
Death Of An Elder
By Peter Sibbald
Updated Feb 24, 2016
Death of An Elder As we approached the 20th anniversary of the passing...
Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador Newfoundland, Canada Aboriginal Rights, Activism, Aging, Black And White, Community, Documentary, Dying/Death, Environmental, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Innu, Multimedia, Native American, Oppression, Photojournalism, Politics, Poverty, Racism, Sub Arctic, Wildlife
By Aitor Lara
Updated Apr 09, 2016
Project summary This project exposes the challenges of the Baka People in...
DJA FAUNAL RESERVE, CAMEROON Africa, Baka, Black And White, Borders, Cameroon, Capitalism, Community, Discrimination, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fear, Forest, Globalization, Health/Healing, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Illness, Immigration, Migration, Minority, Oppression, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Pygmies, Racism, Rain Forest, Religion, Spirituality, Still Life, Travel, Water, Wildlife
This Land Is Our Land
By Rakesh Malik
Updated Jun 27, 2016
America's greatest legacy is the protected lands of our national forests,...
Animals, Environment, Environmental, Happiness, Hope, Isolation, Landscape, Peace, Photography, Wildlife
The Woman Who Saw The Bear
By Joannie Lafreniere
Updated May 21, 2016
The woman who saw the bear is a long-term project which paints an intimate...
Chicoutimi, Canada Documentary, Multimedia, Portraiture, Wildlife, Women's Rights
Death Valley
By Rakesh Malik
Updated Oct 27, 2017
Death Valley is a land of dramatic geography, but also far more full of life...
Death Valley Environment, Environmental, Landscape, Photography, Wildlife
By Jorge Luis Chavarria
Updated Jul 29, 2016
Una de las preocupaciones de Jorge Chavarría es la naturaleza. En...
Guatemala Conceptual, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Latin America, Personal, Photography, Wildlife
Kenya, May 2016
By Farras Abdelnour
Updated Aug 06, 2016
Images taken in Kenya early May 2016. Wildlife photos were shot in Maasai...
Kenya Animals, Landscape, Photography, Travel, Wildlife
2016 Year In My Photos
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Sep 01, 2016
The 2016 CNN Year in Photos My photos are mostly taken in the Czech...
Czech Republic Animals, Community, Documentary, Emotion, Environmental, Events, Joy, Landscape, Love, Mental Illness, Minority, Peacekeeping, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Religion, Street, Wildlife, Youth
Life At The Pond
By Melanie Sestokas
Updated Sep 03, 2016
Summer 2016, photos taken at the pond on Rte 66 in Waltham, Vermont
Waltham, Vermont Landscape, Photography, Wildlife
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Jan 03, 2017
PERUVIAN CURANDEROS OF THE ANDES Pre Columbian traditional medicine...
Arts, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Peace, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spirituality, Wildlife
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Dec 17, 2016
Motivated by the crisis, economic collapse, global overheating or religious...
Agriculture, Belief, Climate Change, Community, Confrontation, Documentary, Dreams, Editorial, Education, Environment, Environmental, Family, Forest, Freedom, Friends + Family, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spirituality, Travel, Wildlife
South Sudan's "Road To Prosperity"
By Shadi Bushra
Updated Dec 31, 2016
When South Sudan was birthed after a long...
Juba, South Sudan Abandonment, Abundance, Action, Activism, Adolescence, Adoption, Affluence, Agriculture, Architecture, Belief, Candid, Capitalism, Christianity, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Climate Change, Combat, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Dictatorship, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Elections, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Family, Fear, Fine Art, Fire, Food, Forest, Freedom, Gangs, Genocide, Globalization, Historical, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Islam, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Migration, Military, Militias, Minority, Mixed Medium, Motherhood, Multimedia, Oil, Oppression, Orphans, Peace, Peacekeeping, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Prostitution, Racism, Religion, Revolution, Soldiers, Sorrow, Spirituality, Street, Teens, Terrorism, Travel, Violence, War, Water, Weapons, Wildlife, Workers' Rights, Yearning, Youth
Young And In Prison
By Shadi Bushra
Updated Dec 31, 2016
Until the end of apartheid and the birth of the 'New South Africa' there was...
Cape Town Abandonment, Abuse, Action, Architecture, Arts, Black And White, Borders, Candid, Children, Civil Rights, Conceptual, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Discrimination, Documentary, Dreams, Drug Abuse, Editorial, Education, Emotion, Environmental, Family, Fear, Fine Art, Freedom, Friends + Family, Globalization, Happiness, Historical, Hope, Human Rights, Immigration, Incarceration, Isolation, Joy, Landscape, Migration, Military, Minority, Oppression, Orphans, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Prison, Racism, Rape, School/College, Sorrow, Sports, Street, Teens, Travel, Violence, Wildlife, Yearning, Youth
Cambodia's Cardamom Forest
By Luke Duggleby
Updated Feb 02, 2017
The Cardamom Mountains remains one of Southeast Asia's last great forests....
Cambodia Activism, Aerial, Agriculture, Asia, Belief, Buddhism, Capitalism, Civil Rights, Climate Change, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Culture, Documentary, Editorial, Energy, Environment, Forest, Globalization, Human Rights, Loss, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Protests, Reporting, Travel, Wildlife
Earth Streaks
By AdriáN DomíNguez
Updated Jul 18, 2018
Every second, hundreds thousands cubic meters of fresh water moves on our...
Planet Earth Abstract, Africa, Agriculture, America, Asia, Black And White, Climate Change, Conceptual, Culture, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Europe, Forest, Landscape, Photography, Science, Texture, Water, Weather, Wildlife
Russkaya Amerika
By Andrea Santolaya
Updated Apr 25, 2018
VIGILS OF FAITH In 1666 the Old Believers split from the Orthodox Church...
Nkolaevsk, Kenai Peninsula. Alaska Adolescence, Animals, Arts, Author Photography, Beauty, Belief, Black And White, Borders, Celebrations, Christianity, Climate Change, Community, Conceptual, Conservation, Documentary, Dreams, Education, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Faith, Family, Fine Art, Forest, Globalization, Historical, Hope, Immigration, Interior, Isolation, Landscape, Lifestyle, Loss, Love, Migration, Minority, Motherhood, Parenting & Family, Photography, Politics, Portraiture, Relationships, Religion, School/College, Spirituality, Teens, Travel, Wildlife, Womens Rights, Youth
Restoring A Great Bay
By Joe Klementovich
Updated Jul 21, 2017
The Great Bay of New Hampshire is between New Hamsphire and Maine, it once...
Jackson Estuarian Labratory Abundance, Action, Animals, Beachs, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Photography, Photojournalism, Science, Water, Wildlife
Eel Trafficking
By Sarah Rice
Updated Aug 17, 2017
Inside the multi-million dollar world of eel trafficking in Maine, for...
Ellsworth, Maine, USA Crime, Documentary, Editorial, Eels, Environment, Fishing, Food, Illegal Trafficking, Macro, Photography, Photojournalism, Trafficking, Wildlife
A Damaged Delta
By Luke Duggleby
Updated Aug 29, 2018
Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is one of the world's areas most...
Action, Activism, Agriculture, Animals, Capitalism, Climate Change, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Energy, Environment, Food, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Reporting, Travel, Water, Wildlife
Urban Wilderness: Navigating Human-Wildlife Relationships Near Rocky Mountain National Park
By Andria Hautamaki
Updated Nov 11, 2018
In 2017, Rocky Mountain National Park was the 4th most visited national park...
Estes Park, Colorado Animals, Confrontation, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Essays, Illegal Trafficking, Photography, Photojournalism, Rocky Mountain National Park, Science, Wildlife