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If My Memory Serves Me
By Bonnie Briant
Updated Jun 10, 2010

Adventure, Art, Documentary, New York, Nightlife, Paris, Personal Anthropology, Rhode Island, Youth
String Theory
By Bonnie Briant
Updated Jun 10, 2010
Art, California, Documentary, New York, Nightlife, Personal Anthropology, Rhode Island, Youth
Picture You, Picture Me
By Emer Gillespie
Updated Oct 26, 2010
  Picture you, Picture me Picture You, Picture Me  is a...
Children, Collaboration, Diptych, Disability, Family, Personal, Photography, Portrait
Easter Glamour Portrait Studio
By Grant Worth
Updated Jun 29, 2011
Body work by Lisa Frank! Permanent lip gloss! Semi-unconscious blow outs!...
Brooklyn, NY Conceptual, Fine Art, Glamour, Performance, Personal, Photography, Polaroid, Spring
The Graying Of AIDS
By Katja Heinemann
Updated Dec 16, 2011
The Graying of AIDS – Stories from an Aging Epidemic is a...
Aging, Documentary, Editorial, Epidemics, HIV/AIDS, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, USA
By Bartosz Nowicki
Updated Jun 28, 2012
Documentary, Fans, Football, Futbol, Kolejorz, Lech Poznan, Personal, Poland, Poznan, Sports, Stadium
By Linda Troeller
Updated Jul 17, 2012
My father served in WWII and was wounded in 1945.  He was in the...
Documentary, Personal, Photography, Soldiers
By Alicia Kidd
Updated Sep 11, 2012
Meeting Spot Meeting Spot  is an ongoing photography project...
Animals, Cockfights, Documentary, Dominican Republic, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Santo Domingo, Sports
Perspective On San Francisco
By Silviu Pavel
Updated Nov 04, 2012
Walking the streets of San Francisco during my brief visit of just 6 weeks...
California, Community, Documentary, Personal, Photography, San Francisco, Street
Strong Man - Ivan Grigorovskiy
By Pavel Biletskyi
Updated Nov 14, 2012
Activism, Conceptual, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Sports, Strongman
By Tessa Bunney
Updated Dec 06, 2012
The interaction between man and nature has a long history in Finland. ...
Finland Editorial, Finland, Ice Swimming, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Swimming, Travel
No, Madam
By Natalie Naccache
Updated Dec 13, 2012
There are currently 200,000 migrant domestic workers in Lebanon todayin a...
Beirut, Discrimination/Minority, Human Rights, Personal, Rape
I Wish I Knew Your Name
By Pierfrancesco Celada
Updated Jan 16, 2013
During a brief visit to Japan in 2009 I was soon fascinated by the...
Conceptual, Japan, Lonliness, Nagoya, Osaka, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Solitude, Tokyo
By Carlo Gianferro
Updated Dec 15, 2012
MAD ABOUT YOU / A SHORT STORY ABOUT LOVE "Love is a serious mental...
Arts, Documentary, Family, Friends + Family, Hope, Italy, Joy, Love, Mental Illness, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Psychiatric Hospital, Theater, Trieste
Love For Alyssa
By Jennifer Kaczmarek
Updated Dec 15, 2012
Love for Alyssa She was 5 years old and melted my heart. Determined to...
Activism, Adolescence, Advocate, Arthrogryposis, Children, Disability, Documentary, Family, FL, Love, Non Profit, Palm Coast, Personal, Photography, USA, Youth
Where Have All The Songbirds..
By Maarten Boswijk
Updated Dec 17, 2012
Where have all the songbirds gone?   In the North Sea, about 70...
Documentary, Germany, Helgoland, Island, Landscape, Migration, Ornithology, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Alessandro Rota
Updated Dec 20, 2012
  Photography is often my best excuse to explore the unfamiliar and...
Abuse, Conceptual, Documentary, Drug Abuse, Mental Illness, Personal, Photography, Street, Youth
Markets Of Indochina
By Ivano Grasso
Updated Jan 01, 2013
Markets have always been central to city life. Human exchange in the form of...
Indochina Agriculture, Animals, Buddhism, Capitalism, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Family, Food, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Spirituality, Travel, Workers' Rights
By Maria Sturm
Updated Jan 23, 2013
This body of work was created during a residency and workshop with Magnum...
Adolescence, Emotion, France, Intimacy, Marseille, Personal, Photography, Sexuality, Youth
Love, But
By Maria Sturm
Updated Jan 24, 2013
Conceptual, Emotion, Loss, Love, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Self Portrait, Separation, Still Life
Unexplored Worlds.
By Joanna Black
Updated Feb 18, 2013
  As a photographer, I find the world around me fascinating.  I...
Conceptual, Fine Art, Personal
Les Enfants
By Jennifer Kaczmarek
Updated Feb 11, 2013
Les Enfants is an ongoing personal series centered on my three...
Children, Documentary, Family, Fine Art, Florida, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Youth
Mayaguez Old Cemetery
By Jaime R. Carrero
Updated Mar 27, 2013
This gallery is part of an ongoing project on Puerto Rican cemeteries that I...
Documentary, Dying/Death, Fine Art, Loss, Love, Mayaguez, Personal, Photography, Puerto Rico, Sorrow, Still Life
Summer Season
By Silviu Pavel
Updated Apr 15, 2013
After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the small fishing village of Vama...
Beaches, Black Sea, Candid, Community, Documentary, Environment, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Romania, Teens, Travel, Vacation, Vama Veche, Water
By Silviu Pavel
Updated Apr 24, 2013
Bucharest, Capitalism, Corporation, Environment, Instagram, Office, Personal, Photography, Romania
Street Couples
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Jun 21, 2013
Two Talk, run, dance. Are, look, love. Two Admire, look at each...
Barcelona, Conceptual, Personal, Photography, Spain, Street
BOOK: City - The Season
By Bartosz Nowicki
Updated Jun 21, 2013
This is not a story of the club but of the people who support it –...
Celebration, Community, Documentary, Happiness, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Sports
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Jun 25, 2013
We have raised a well-educated generation, but they live worse than...
Barcelona, Conceptual, Personal, Spain, Street
The Beach House
By Uliana Bazar
Updated Jul 09, 2013
The Beach House has been a second home for me for the past two years. The...
Beaches, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, Family, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Still Life, Vacation
Warsaw Nights
By Lukasz Nowosadzki
Updated Jul 25, 2013
We are twenty and thirty years old. We finished school, we are still...
Warsaw, Poland Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Energy, Fear, Freedom, Isolation, Love, Personal, Photography, Street, Youth
Others' Still Lifes
By Maria Daniela QuiróS
Updated Jul 26, 2013
Other's Still Lifes ( 2013) Other's Still Lifes was born from a...
Barcelona, Documentary, Fine Art, Maria Daniela Quiros, Other's Still Lifes, Personal, Photography, Spain, Still Life
Disappearing Land
By Natalia Shlyakhovaya
Updated Sep 19, 2013
A journey through a vanishing world  Modern life erases differences...
Zaporizhya Family, Globalization, Personal, Photography, Ukraine
Up In The Mountain
By Alinne Rezende
Updated Sep 27, 2013
Abandonment, Cyprus, Documentary, Environment, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Troodos, Wildlife
Updated Oct 04, 2013
What remains when everyone’s gone and the time did not stop? Only the...
Abandonment, Aging, Beauty, Celebration, Conceptual, Confrontation, Documentary, Emotion, Faith, Forest, Happiness, Hope, Isolation, Personal, Photography, Privacy, Sorrow
A Promise
By Michael Santiago
Updated May 07, 2015
3 years ago I moved to California to pursue my dream of graduating from...
Aging, Candid, Documentary, Faith, Family, Friends + Family, Health/Healing, Hope, Illness, Love, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Senior Citizens, Veterans
CinqueTerre: Paradise Restored
By Alessandro Rota
Updated Oct 07, 2013
In November 2011 I found myself close to the flooded zones of Le Cinque...
Community, Environment, Flood, Natural Disaster, Personal, Photography
Buenos Aires
By Qiang Chen
Updated Nov 04, 2013
Buenos Aires 2003;Economic Crisis, China, Documentary, HeFei, Personal, Photography, Street
Times Like These
By Mafalda Rakoš
Updated Dec 15, 2013
Turning fifteen. Sixteen. Turning seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen....
Adolescence, Documentary, Party, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Puberty, School/College, Teenager, Transition, Vienna, Youth
Nigeria Ever After
By Glenna Gordon
Updated Dec 24, 2013
Weddings in Nigeria are not private affairs – they are public...
Affluence, Candid, Capitalism, Documentary, Editorial, Glamour, Happiness, Love, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Wedding
Unexpected Maine
By Marc April, 2013
Updated Dec 31, 2013
Unexpected Maine est un projet photographique débuté en...
Conceptual, Documentary, Emotion, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Travel, Vacation
By Peter Nohrnberg
Updated Dec 31, 2013
These photographs were all taken within the first floor, public space...
Architecture, Children, Documentary, Dolls, Interior, Personal, Photography, Still Life, Toys
By Per-Olof Stoltz
Updated Jan 04, 2014
Big signs, unique marks and bold letters. Public spaces are invaded by the...
Abundance, Advertising, Capitalism, Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Trademark, Travel
SYRIAN Conflict
By Txomin Txueka
Updated Jan 06, 2014
SYRIAN Conflict : The armed conflict in Syria began in March 2011...
Aleppo, Syria Architecture, Documentary, Editorial, Genocide, Human Rights, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, War
Ways To Neverland
By Martin Richter
Updated Jan 08, 2014
WAYS TO NEVERLAND Since the birth of my second son, I regularly accompany...
Children, Conceptual, Documentary, Family, Happiness, Joy, Love, Personal, Photography
By Florencia Sanchez Isaia
Updated Mar 10, 2014
This project focuses on the exploration of mental and emotional states,...
Conceptual, Dreams/Subconscious, Fine Art, Personal, Photography
By Miki Hasegawa
Updated Jan 09, 2014
  I strive to express"maternal love" through photography.What is a...
Children, Documentary, Family, Personal, Photography
Monday Mood
By George David Sanchez
Updated Jan 10, 2014
When I was growing up in Queens during the 1980s, pictures generally...
Children, Conceptual, Emotion, Fine Art, Joy, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Still Life
The Boythe Beast The Butterfly
By Paolo Ciregia
Updated Jan 09, 2014

Personal, Photography
Like Leaves On Trees
By Laura De Marco
Updated Jan 10, 2014
My interest in this project lies in investigating the urbanized landscape...
Abandonment, Architecture, Borders, Brooklyn, Capitalism, Community, Conceptual, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Globalization, Landscape, Loss, Personal, Photography
By Pedro Kuperman
Updated Jan 10, 2014
New York has always been part of my imaginary. Because I was born there and...
Community, Documentary, Faith, Immigration, Peace, Personal, Photography, Sikhism, Street
Every Breath We Drew
By Jess T. Dugan
Updated Jan 10, 2014
Every breath we drew explores the power of identity, desire, and...
Emotion, Fine Art, Gay, Lesbian, Personal, Portraiture, Transgender
Hey Moon,Its Just You & Me
By Leila Morrissey
Updated Jan 10, 2014
This work has a weird symbolism to the going’s on in my life last...
Abstract, Beaches, Dreams/Subconscious, Emotion, Fine Art, Loss, Love, Personal, Photography, Water
«Funky Partners»
By Meike Hanne Seele
Updated Jan 10, 2014
Funky partners, on going, 2014 There was a time when my...
© Meike Hanne Seele, Documentary, Environment, Europe, Funky Partners, Mingle-Mangle, Nature, Coincidences, Personal, Photography, Street
The Gentle Punks
By Cassandra Giraldo
Updated Feb 05, 2014
"To me, punk rock is freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom...
St. Petersburg, Russia Adolescence, Community, Documentary, Emotion, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street, Travel, Youth
Light Cuts
By Patricia Ackerman
Updated Jan 10, 2014
Embedded cities I love to walk in my city discovering other cities that...
Architecture, Conceptual, Fine Art, Personal, Photography
Spaghetti Western
By Emanuela Colombo
Updated Jan 15, 2014
Italy has a long history in Country, culture, music, dance .. It grown up...
Community, Documentary, Happiness, Italy, Country,Dance, Rodeo, Roping, Joy, Personal, Photography
By Per-Olof Stoltz
Updated Jan 29, 2014
Amusement Park, Documentary, Editorial, Joy, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Sweden, Tivoli, Travel
By Sandra Franco
Updated Feb 01, 2014
Memory can be fragile and people find particular ways of holding on to it....
Documentary, Memory, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Alinne Rezende
Updated Feb 04, 2014
Back to Brazil, to revival my memories and culture, to remember my values,...
Beaches, Documentary, Environment, Forest, Landscape, Latin America, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
April & Desire
By Cassandra Giraldo
Updated Feb 05, 2014
April Bueno and Desire Priddie are in their last year of junior high in...
Brooklyn, NY Adolescence, Documentary, Family, Girls, Growing Up, Personal, Photojournalism, Teens, Youth
Carnets Du Perou
By ValéRie Berta
Updated Feb 07, 2014
Documentary, Friends + Family, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Street
By Vincent Gouriou
Updated Feb 12, 2014
Teenagers in the wild, farmers in their farms, transgenders in a park ... a...
Children, Family, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Street, Youth
By Vincent Gouriou
Updated Feb 24, 2014
This video is an extension of my work. It shows steady models; a blink or a...
Cancer, Friends + Family, Gay, Illness, Personal, Photography, Teens, Transgender
Updated Mar 02, 2014
Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography
Pocket Art
By George David Sanchez
Updated Mar 03, 2014
This is a collaboration between a father and his four-year-old son....
Arts, Children, Conceptual, Documentary, Fine Art, Friends + Family, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photography
"Seeking Silence 2"
By Danielle Van Der Schans
Updated Mar 09, 2014
"Seeking Silence" In my new work I'm working with the silence and...
Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape, Landscape, Silence, Scotland, Personal, Photography, Travel
The Food Runner
By Robert Larson
Updated Mar 09, 2014
  For 6 months I worked as a food runner at one of the top night...
Capitalism, Documentary, Fear, Fine Art, Isolation, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Youth
The Hunter Factory
By Rodrigo Machado
Updated Mar 10, 2014
Abstract, Arts, Conceptual, Jazz, Personal, Photography
By Danielle Van Der Schans
Updated Mar 10, 2014
Conceptual, Fine Art, IPhone, Landscape, Personal
Greek Gods
By Sarah Htun
Updated Apr 26, 2014
Personal, Photography, Portrait
Providence Canyon
By Sarah Htun
Updated Apr 26, 2014
Documentary, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Meike Hanne Seele
Updated May 06, 2014
During a workshop in Marseille a short text from the book...
© Meike Hanne Seele 2014, Homage To Hervé Guibert, Marseilles, Personal, Photography, Self Portrait
Postcards From Egypt
By Laura De Marco
Updated May 20, 2014
Postcards from Egypt is a series of photographs realized between the end of...
Architecture, Conceptual, Documentary, Environmental, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Street, Travel
«Two And Dreams»
By Meike Hanne Seele
Updated Jun 14, 2014
Two and dreams From the very...
Art, Depression, Documentary, Partner, Personal, Photography, Relationship, Two And Dreams
Xayabouri Dam Laos
By Ore Huiying
Updated Jul 19, 2014
The Mekong River, flowing through China, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and...
Dam, Development, Documentary, Environmental, Laos, Mega Project, Mekong River, Personal, Photography, Xayabouri
Dark Is The Night
By Arseny Kosterin
Updated Sep 23, 2014
This is a story about love, about the city and the night. The story of love...
Documentary, Fine Art, Hope, Love, Personal, Photography, Street
Flowers For Nadezhda
By Arseny Kosterin
Updated Sep 23, 2014
I'm walking in circles through this city. Looking at its lights, listening...
Documentary, Fine Art, Love, Personal, Photography, Street
Lunchtime Journey
By Arseny Kosterin
Updated Sep 23, 2014
Since my childhood I love fairy tales. Thanks to them, I learned to believe...
Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Street
Safar Dar Watan
By Farah Mahbub
Updated Oct 04, 2014
To travel away from home and come back changed with a suitcase of memoirs is...
Conceptual, Fine Art, Homeland, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Train Travel, Travel
Fault Lines
By Mike Cullen
Updated Feb 21, 2016
See those fault lines Laid out like land mines It's hard to...
Brooklyn, NY Abstract, Dreams, Emotion, Fine Art, Landscape, Mental Illness, Personal
The Apartment
By Gioele Sala
Updated Nov 26, 2014
When I began  University, I also started living with  two...
Lausanne Black And White, Personal, School/College, Youth
Fashion Perpetrators
By Dimitri Mellos
Updated Dec 04, 2015
New York City Affluence, Beauty, Candid, Documentary, Editorial, Events, Fashion, Glamour, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Christmas And New Year Customs And Traditions In Romania
By Andrei Becheru
Updated Dec 18, 2014
Carol singers dressed in traditional costumes with masks, coming from...
Bucharest Celebrations, Events, Personal, Photojournalism
The Third Gender
By Katie Orlinsky
Updated Dec 20, 2014
In the largely indigenous communities in and around the town of Juchitán...
Oaxaca Documentary, Gay, Muxe, Muxes, Personal, Transgender
Landing Page
By Katie Orlinsky
Updated Dec 20, 2014
Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Underwater
An American Portrait
By Dana Ullman
Updated Dec 12, 2017
United States Of America Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, IPhone, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Travel
Everyday Life
By Dana Ullman
Updated Jan 20, 2016
Selected images of daily life while working on assignment in Uganda,...
Uganda Documentary, Editorial, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Travel
By Txomin Txueka
Updated Jan 03, 2015
GOUROUGOU :  Every day hundreds of immigrants mainly from...
Nador, Morocco Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Human Rights, Immigration, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel
By Florencia Sanchez Isaia
Updated Jan 12, 2015
These images are about the feeling of home. I was a foreigner in a...
Black And White, Fine Art, Personal
Colombia On My Mind
By Joana Toro
Updated Jun 20, 2018
I was born in a country with an on-going civil war, just like my mother...
Colombia Belief, Documentary, Editorial, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Travel
Dark Days
By Philip Arneill
Updated Jan 20, 2015
DARK DAYS IN DUBHLINN These photos are a series of image blends called...
Dublin Abstract, Black And White, Conceptual, Environmental, IPhone, Landscape, Mixed Medium, Personal, Travel
By Julia Cybularz
Updated Feb 23, 2017
Poland Documentary, Family, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Travel
My Recollections
By Mitsu Maeda
Updated Nov 13, 2018
2012- My Recollections A small purse in which my grandmother Tsuyajyo...
Kochi, Japan Documentary, Family, Personal, Photography
O'ahu (Work In Progress)
By Phillip Jung
Updated Sep 12, 2016
Steering clear of pre-fab assumptions disseminated by the tourist industry,...
Oahu Architecture, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
A Winter In Mallorca
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Feb 06, 2015
Last year Mallorca Island received more than 10 million visitors, most of...
Mallorca Conceptual, Landscape, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photojournalism, Street, Travel
By Meike Hanne Seele
Updated Feb 20, 2015
Being by myself and observing my...
Arts, Darkness, Emotion, Happiness, Introverted, Joy, Licht, Light, Personal, Street
Ties Of Blood
By Zhijie Chang
Updated Feb 18, 2015
  This series of photos is the documentary about my father’s...
Beijing,China Documentary, Family, Happiness, Health/Healing, Hope, Illness, Personal
A Journey
By Philip Arneill
Updated Nov 14, 2015
It was American author Henry Miller who said, " One's destination is never...
Candid, Documentary, Environmental, IPhone, Landscape, Personal, Still Life, Street, Travel
By Meike Hanne Seele
Updated Aug 12, 2015
My «nightwalk» photos are the result of long walks through  the...
Lucerne, Switzerland Abstract, Arts, Cyanotype, Documentary, Fine Art, Isolation, Night, Personal, Street
My Days In Paris
By Stefano G. Pavesi
Updated Mar 12, 2015
Paris, France Paris, Personal, Photojournalism, Popular, Reportage, Research, Street, Streetphotography
Welcome To The Bench
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Jan 24, 2017
Up in the Spanish Pyrenees (Broto village), under my balcony, a bench...
Broto, Huesca, Spain Documentary, Personal, Street, Travel
A Tale Of Two Cities
By Brittany Hutchinson
Updated Mar 22, 2015
Untitled A Tale of Two Cities is a photographic series exploring of the...
Los Angeles Documentary, Editorial, Personal, Photojournalism
By Philip Arneill
Updated Mar 30, 2015

Beijing Architecture, Documentary, IPhone, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Street, Travel
By Robb Hill
Updated Jul 06, 2018
Candid, Documentary, Editorial, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism
By Gioele Sala
Updated Mar 30, 2015
Workshop with Klavdij Sluban, "Festival International de la Photo", ...
Arles Abstract, Black And White, Documentary, Personal, Photojournalism, Street
By Dustin Shum
Updated Sep 22, 2017
Past interviews or reportage of my exhibitions from various printed media....
Hong Kong Interviews, Media, Newsclipping, Personal, Tear Sheets
Where I'm Calling From
By Erik Hagen
Updated Dec 27, 2016
I understand that the world is sad, but also strange and funny. But if I...
America, Documentary, Fine Art, Personal
Los Angeles
By Erik Hagen
Updated Feb 02, 2017
I spent six years living in Los Angeles where I drove a taxi. These are...
Los Angeles, CA Black And White, Fine Art, Los Angeles, Personal, Taxi
Shibuya Gospel
By Philip Arneill
Updated Apr 10, 2015
SHIBUYA GOSPEL Growing up in a deeply religious Northern Ireland...
Shibuya, Tokyo Activism, Christianity, Documentary, Environmental, Landscape, Personal, Religion, Street
"Do I Look Sick To You?"
By Lily Colman
Updated Apr 14, 2015
For the chronically ill, life is not measured in weeks and months: it is...
Documentary, Fine Art, Health/Healing, Illness, Mixed Medium, Personal, Portraiture
By Teresa Meier
Updated Oct 04, 2015
Oregon Conceptual, Family, Fine Art, Landscape, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Amateur Table Tennis
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Apr 23, 2015
Amateur Table Tennis In Alcúdia (20,000 habitants), a small group of...
Black And White, Documentary, Personal
By Katie Hayes Luke
Updated May 22, 2015
Austin, Texas Documentary, Katie Hayes Luke, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portfolio
Shattered Pieces Of A Homeland
By David Brunetti
Updated May 08, 2015
Shattered Pieces of a Homeland *** Life is difficult for all refugees...
Lebanon & Jordan Civil Wars, Discrimination, Documentary, Human Rights, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Refugees, Syria
By Alvaro Laiz
Updated Dec 15, 2016
Udege people have lived in the Boreal Jungle for hundreds of years. Due to...
Khabarovsk Animism, Documentary, Environmental, Hunter, Personal, Russia, Siberia, Taiga, Wildlife
When Goodbye Is Not Enough
By Khashayar Sharifaee
Updated May 12, 2015
This is a personal project from last years of my grandfather’s life. He...
Documentary, Family, Personal
Walk In Nature And Be Present
By Matt Hovey
Updated May 10, 2015
Summary Walk in Nature and Be Present features landscapes that are...
Fine Art, Landscape, Personal
Land Of The Free
By Kim Raff
Updated Dec 29, 2016
A new wave of militias are emerging throughout the United States. They are...
Utah Candid, Documentary, Editorial, Fear, Freedom, Guns, Militia, Militias, Personal, Photojournalism, Politics
Moments Of Being
By Liz Calvi
Updated May 11, 2015
Project Summary Moments of Being is a photographic exploration of...
Connecticut Fine Art, Friends + Family, Gender Identity, Personal, Portraiture, Youth
In Search Of The European Dream
By Angelos Tzortzinis
Updated May 11, 2015
Immigration to Europe has increased over the past thirty years, mainly...
GREECE Borders, Immigration, Personal, Photojournalism
Domestic Border - Portugal—Spain
By Tommaso Rada
Updated Oct 12, 2016
We live in a time of changes; the communication changes, the ways in which...
Borders, Editorial, Europe, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Travel
By Gaetano Fisicaro
Updated May 20, 2015
Telling a story about the ROM is a complex task, because the complex is the...
Children, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Personal, Photojournalism
Let Me Introduce You To My...
By Pedro Farias-Nardi
Updated May 24, 2015
Let me introduce you too… Les presento a… This series of...
Los Mina, Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic Caribbean, Documentary, Dominican Republic, Globalization, Latin America, Migration, Personal
Too Many Black People In One Place
By Michael Webster
Updated Jul 02, 2016
On July 4, 2013, I took my 14-year-old son to the Coney Island amusement...
Coney Isaland, Brooklyn Candid, Conceptual, Documentary, Personal, Photojournalism
Le Creux Des Sables
By Estelle Morali-Silver
Updated Jun 19, 2015
To Louis. “But when from a long-distant past nothing subsists, after...
La VerpillièRe Black And White, Landscape, Personal, Portraiture
By Estelle Morali-Silver
Updated Jun 19, 2015
To Monique and Bernard, My parents have always had a fascination for...
Arles Abandonment, Black And White, Personal, Still Life
I Am From My Childhood
By Estelle Morali-Silver
Updated Jun 19, 2015
To my explorers L & A, "Whence come I? I am from my childhood. I am...
France, Scotland, Spain Black And White, Childhood, Personal, Poetry
Basketball, Nostalgia And A Pseudo Self Portrait
By Michael Starghill
Updated Jun 22, 2015
Anyone that knows me well would be able to tell you that I'm a huge sports...
Houston Black And White, Editorial, Personal, Sports, Youth
Overview/ Portrait & Lifestyle
By Sue Barr
Updated Jun 23, 2015
NYC Children, Environmental, Lifestyle, Personal, Portraiture, Stock, Youth
Tel-Aviv. City With No Break.
By Mark Rafaelov
Updated Sep 14, 2015
Here, where some  amazing paintings were born, where  the...
Tel Aviv Black And White, Documentary, Environment, Personal, Photojournalism, Street
By Teresa Meier
Updated Jul 08, 2015
“A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is...
Oregon Arts, Borders, Community, Discrimination, Documentary, Isolation, Peacekeeping, People, Personal, Photo Booth, Portraiture
Los Tres Jotas
By Amy C. Smith
Updated Dec 29, 2015
Cozy Point Ranch has been a successful working ranch in Aspen for 120...
Cozy Point Ranch, Aspen, Colorado Animals, Black And White, Candid, Documentary, Horses, Personal, Photojournalism, Ranch, Ranch Hand
The Step From The Edge
By Edward Kaprov
Updated Aug 08, 2015
The step from the Edge Wanderings along the borders of small Jewish...
Abandonment, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Personal, Photojournalism
I´M Single
By Patricia Ackerman
Updated Aug 09, 2015
Patagonia, Argentina Black And White, Conceptual, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal
By ÁLvaro PéRez Mulas
Updated Aug 09, 2015
IMPLICIT When I conceived this project I had in mind questioning the...
New Delhi Abandonment, Arts, Conceptual, Fine Art, Personal
By Rasmus Degnbol
Updated Aug 12, 2015
Stigma is the story about a lie and how this lie was manufactured for the...
Kyrgyzstan Community, Corruption, Documentary, Environmental, Personal, Photojournalism, Pollution
By Jaime FernáNdez Gianzo
Updated Sep 25, 2015
One day, almost suddenly, we got up and never sit down together again. And...
Black And White, Conceptual, Emotion, Isolation, Personal, Sorrow, Street
Paper Book Power
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Aug 17, 2015
Paper Book Power Turn the pages of a paper book, hear their sound, realize...
Mallorca Conceptual, Documentary, Personal, Street
By Michael Webster
Updated Feb 14, 2017
Just a few singles that change periodically.
USA Black And White, Documentary, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Celeste Ortiz
Updated Aug 17, 2015
San Antonio, Chile Fine Art, Personal, Portraiture
My Mississippi
By William Widmer
Updated Aug 17, 2015
MY MISSISSIPPI   ___ A visual diary of my time spent in the Delta,...
Louisiana Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Industrial, Landscape, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By John Dalterio
Updated Aug 20, 2015
In progress
Boston, MA Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Graffiti, Hope, Personal, Portraiture
Le Stagioni Di Matilde
By Niccolò Vonci
Updated Aug 24, 2015
The project, carried out over a period of a full year through the narration...
Florence Childhood, Children, Daughter, Father, Personal, Portraiture
Appalachian Portraits
By Meg Wilson
Updated Aug 25, 2015
Berea, Kentucky Appalachia, Kentucky, Personal
Sex Workers
By Saranya &Quot;Cherry&Quot; Chalermchai
Updated Aug 28, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand Documentary, Personal
The Lovers
By Jj Black
Updated Aug 30, 2015
Taken from a larger portfolio Les Amoureaux/The Lovers
Paris Black And White, Candid, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Personal, Photojournalism, Street, Travel
By Giorgos Charitakis
Updated Sep 03, 2015
Albania is a country of 3 million people where the majority are currently...
Albania Balkans, Documentary, Personal, Street, Travel
Holly Bath
By M Hasan Tareque
Updated Sep 15, 2015
"Ganga Cha Yamuna Chaiva Godavari Saraswati."
Shunamgonj,Bangladesh Documentary, Personal, Religion
Island Time
By Trevor Munch
Updated Sep 15, 2015
Nostalgia from a place where I spent many of my summers growing up. Each...
Block Island, Rhode Island 4x5, Agriculture, Arts, Environment, Fine Art, Personal, Portraiture, Travel
Tropical Depression
By Grant Worth
Updated Sep 18, 2015
Islands Of Hawaii Abstract, Analog, Fine Art, Glitch, Hawaii, Landscape, Paradise, Personal, Photography, Polaroid, Travel
By Emma Livingston
Updated Sep 28, 2015
I began this project of Tree Portraits in January 2008. In this...
Buenos Aires Architecture, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Latin America, Personal, Photography, Street
Una Promesa De Amor
By AndréS Ronderos
Updated Sep 29, 2015
A heart can be the symbol of love. Painted on a lock, the symbol strengthens...
Bogotá - Colombia Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Personal, Photography, Still Life, Street
By Dale Rio
Updated Jan 30, 2017
This portfolio contains portraits that I've made over the past fifteen years...
Arts, Beauty, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Jon Michael Anzalone
Updated Dec 21, 2016
Singles and one-offs from small adventures.  2007 - 2015
New York City Personal, Photography, Street
Manolo Valdes. NY Botanical
By Andrea Santolaya
Updated Apr 25, 2018
Where are the ladies of old? Easy, on the other side of the Harlem river,...
New York City Arts, Black And White, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography
By Alexis Aubin
Updated Oct 19, 2015
Montreal Activism, Arts, Capitalism, Community, Documentary, Happiness, Hope, Lesbian, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Youth
His First Camera
By George David Sanchez
Updated Nov 02, 2015
For the last couple of years, my son has experimented with his Vtech...
Candid, Children, Conceptual, Personal, Photography
Boys' World
By Lorena Turner
Updated Jul 11, 2016
This is an ongoing visual story of my son, Asher, and three of his friends...
San Luis Obispo, CA Children, Documentary, Personal, Photography
Jane Gottlieb-In Her Studio
By Jane Gottlieb
Updated Nov 09, 2015
Arts, Fine Art, Personal, Photography
This World Of Dew
By Chandan Gomes
Updated Apr 25, 2016
THIS WORLD OF DEW (2011-15) A few years ago I was commissioned to...
Delhi, India Abandonment, Beauty, Documentary, Dying/Death, Illness, Personal, Photography
Recuerdo (Souvenir)
By Oscar Rubio
Updated Nov 16, 2015
Abstract, Family, Personal, Photography
Landfill Dogs
By Shannon Johnstone
Updated Mar 18, 2017
LANDFILL DOGS These are not cute pictures of dogs. These are dogs who have...
Activism, Animals, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Devils In The Mediterranean
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Nov 21, 2015
Present in many representations of popular folklore, "Demon or devil " is...
PollençA, Mallorca Documentary, Events, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street, Travel
Indonesia's Nazis
By Rodrigo Ordonez
Updated Nov 27, 2015
Members of the 'Niederlande Kampfgruppe' group meet regularly to re-enact...
Indonesia, Jakarta Documentary, Editorial, Hobby, Identity, Indonesia, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Racism, War
Belfast/Beal Feirste
By Philip Arneill
Updated Dec 01, 2015
This is an Instagram collaboration with @nickybelton, whom I met two years...
Belfast Abstract, Conceptual, IPhone, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Travel
Harlem Nocturnal
By Kenneth Nelson
Updated Oct 12, 2016
Microsoft Word - Bio-Enfoco2010.doc Harlem Nocturnal At night, our...
New York City Black And White, Community, Documentary, Fine Art, Migration, Minority, Personal, Photography, Street
Platitudes And Multitudes
By Erik Hagen
Updated Mar 29, 2016
Each of these images is a platitude, an empty expression that is pleasing to...
Wilmington, DE Abstract, Environmental, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Still Life
Golden Fruit Pop Art
By Monica Silva
Updated Jan 16, 2016
GOLDEN BANANA POP ART  Banana Golden Pop Art is a playful tribute to...
Milan Abstract, Editorial, Fine Art, Food, Personal, Photography, Still Life
By Massimiliano Marino
Updated Jan 25, 2016
Chinaski pub. Bar men
Salerno Action, Arts, Business, Conceptual, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Contaminated Land
By Suvra Kanti Das
Updated Jan 27, 2016
Dhaka’s Hazaribagh area, widely known for its tannery industry, has been...
Black And White, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism
Florida Grown
By Jenica Heintzelman
Updated Feb 17, 2016
This selection belongs to an ongoing series about sisters growing up Mormon...
Landscape, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Best Foot Forward
By Jj Black
Updated Feb 19, 2016
images & music by jjblack. This "animated" version can be found on the...
Europe Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Fashion, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism
Gay Rodeo
By Brit Worgan
Updated Feb 19, 2016
GAY RODEO: Gender and sexuality within the cowboy rodeo circuit has...
Phoenix, AZ Community, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Gay, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Sexuality, Street, Transgender
Autumn Interlude
By Jj Black
Updated Feb 20, 2016
An enigmatic story song replete with irony,wit & off-the -wall...
Eastern Townships Of Quebec Blues, Conceptual, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Travel
The Beguiled Series
By Mike Cullen
Updated May 01, 2016
A new series of images inspired by Clyfford Still , Mark Rothko , and...
Brooklyn, NY Arts, Conceptual, Emotion, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Texture
Sunday Morning Studies
By Jj Black
Updated Feb 22, 2016
A photographic reunion of an artist & model,49 years after their 1st nude...
Amsterdam Conceptual, Erotic, Fine Art, Multimedia, Nude, Personal, Photography
INcidental Art
By Jj Black
Updated Feb 22, 2016
INcidental Art, intentional & otherwise, lost & found. images &...
Amsterdam Brussels Paris Abstract, Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Fine Art, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Street, Travel
By Brit Worgan
Updated Feb 23, 2016
TRUMP RALLY - Short Documentary Documentary Director Sean Dunne and I...
Capitalism, Documentary, Elections, IPhone, Personal, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Short Film, Technology, Veterans
Best Foot Forward
By Jj Black
Updated Feb 24, 2016
images & music by jjblack. This "animated" version can be found on the...
Europe Abstract, Conceptual, Documentary, Fine Art, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
I Speak Of The City
By Dimitri Mellos
Updated Mar 11, 2016
Project summary: The scope of my photos is narrow and mundane, like the...
New York City Candid, Documentary, Personal, Photography, Street
By Akos Stiller
Updated Jun 08, 2016
At the beginning of the 20th century, agriculture was thriving in the...
Nyarsapat Agriculture, Documentary, Fine Art, Isolation, Personal, Photography, Poverty
Jacob's Ladder
By Fran Antmann
Updated Mar 13, 2016
  The Jacob’s ladder of our relationships starts where we came from,...
Guatemala Conceptual, Documentary, Personal, Photography
By Kevin J Mellis
Updated Mar 12, 2016
A state of Vulnerability is a reflection of my personal belief that we all ~...
Arts, Conceptual, Fine Art, Personal, Short Film
By Salvatore Balice
Updated Oct 29, 2016
Home is where the air I breath sends me back to my mother’s womb. It’s...
Bari Conceptual, Emotion, Family, Friends + Family, Personal, Photography
Silence And I
By Shin Woong-Jae
Updated Aug 09, 2017
Candid, Documentary, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Agata Grzybowska
Updated Mar 05, 2018
Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Follow The Yellow Brick Road
By Jj Black
Updated Mar 30, 2016
Follow the Yellow Brick Road....through Beatrix Park,Amsterdam....sometime...
Beatrix Park,Amsterdam Black And White, Conceptual, Documentary, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Travel
By Mark Rafaelov
Updated Apr 01, 2016
I remember my impression when the very first smartphone was released,...
Baku Environmental, Instagram, IPhone, Mobile, Personal, Smartphone, Street, Travel
While I'm Here | The Legacy Project
By Brent Foster
Updated Apr 29, 2016
While I'm Here | The Legacy Project is a series of videos that profile...
Mississippi Aerial, Aging, Belief, Documentary, Multimedia, Music, Personal, Short Film
The Butterly's Fall - Postcards From Tokyo
By Monica Silva
Updated May 03, 2016
"I spent a long time remembering my ghosts in the third person. Now I went...
Tokyo Nude, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street
By Monica Silva
Updated Aug 27, 2018
Italy Arts, Events, Personal, Photography
By Monica Silva
Updated Apr 27, 2018
INTERVIEWS Monica Silva Interviews published in the web and on...
Italy Events, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Matthew Hamon
Updated Oct 09, 2018
Documenting the joys and challenges of parenthood.
Black And White, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Nude, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
Sunday Walk In Mount Auburn Cemetery In Cambridge, Massachusetts‬
By Lucian Perkins
Updated Jul 14, 2016
Springtime walk through Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Cambridge, Massachusetts Cemetery, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Travel
By Monica Silva
Updated Jan 13, 2019
Advert Campaign for EICMA 2016. Concept by LeftLoft agency shot by Monica...
Milan, Italy Advertising, Conceptual, Editorial, Fashion, Fine Art, Personal, Portraiture, Sports, Still Life
Monochrome 'Murrica
By Philip Arneill
Updated Mar 11, 2018
Having visited it many times through the imagination of televison and film,...
USA Architecture, Black And White, Documentary, IPhone, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Street, Travel
By Joannie Lafreniere
Updated Jun 08, 2016
A compilation of photographs taken from a journey on the roads of the United...
Architecture, Community, Documentary, Landscape, Love, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Street, Travel
Life Above All
By Monica Silva
Updated Jun 08, 2016
LIFE ABOVE ALL  from The Antology of Spoon River Milan, JUNE 2008....
Bologna, Italia Abandonment, Conceptual, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
While I Was Thinking About Sex
By Juan Orrantia
Updated Jul 12, 2017
Fragments of adolecent memories and the shaping of masculinity. (ongoing)...
Latin America, Colombia, Bogota Cocaine; Narcotraffic;, Documentary, Landscape, Latin America, Memory, Nude, Personal, Photography, Teens
Cannes Beach
By Philip Holt
Updated Jun 10, 2016
Cannes Beach. The sun, the heat, the sand, the crowds!!...We love it! We...
Environmental, Personal, Photography
Six Flags
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Environmental, Personal, Photography
Coney Island
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Environmental, Personal, Photography
Mermaid Parade
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Personal, Photography
Pizza Eating Competition
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Black And White, Environmental, Personal, Photography
Niagara Snap
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
I went to Niagara Falls to photograph one of the phenomenon's of the...
Environmental, Personal, Street
Dubai Workers
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Documentary, Environmental, Personal, Photography
Boxing Ladies
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Portrait One
By Philip Holt
Updated Feb 23, 2017
Personal, Photography, Portraiture
NY Taxi Drivers
By Philip Holt
Updated Jul 01, 2016
The amount of 'back of the head' conversations I have had with Taxi Cad...
Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Empire Builder
By Matt Hamon
Updated Nov 12, 2016
This ongoing project examines the shifting culture, landscape, industry, and...
Architecture, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel
Hello My Name Is
By Joannie Lafreniere
Updated Mar 15, 2017
Staged in very colorful scenes, this series of self-portraits is inspired by...
Candid, Conceptual, Freedom, Happiness, Peace, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Theater, Travel
Morning Walk
By Kevin J Mellis
Updated Jul 05, 2016
Kevin J Mellis first learned how to use a camera in 2011with a digital...
Greensville, South Carolina Black And White, Conceptual, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography
Personal Spaces
By Kenneth Nelson
Updated Jul 29, 2016
Most people have a sense of personal space that they're comfortable in...
New York City Candid, Documentary, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Street
Destined Creations
By Cristina Baussan
Updated Jul 09, 2016
Destined Creations In a country where 90% of the population is black,...
Haiti Albinism, Community, Discrimination, Documentary, Family, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Racism, Twins
Pulkovo Meridian
By Sergey Vdovin
Updated Aug 18, 2016
It's the series of pictures taken along the direct route from North to South...
Saint-Petersburg Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street, Urbanism
Indigenous Portraits
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Mar 24, 2017
Indigenous populations are the truly guardians of our environment, without...
Palmas, Tocantins Arts, Community, Environment, Forest, Latin America, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Jorge Luis Chavarria
Updated Jul 29, 2016
Una de las preocupaciones de Jorge Chavarría es la naturaleza. En...
Guatemala Conceptual, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Landscape, Latin America, Personal, Photography, Wildlife
By Nima Taradji Photography
Updated Sep 27, 2016
“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the...
Evanston, Illinois Black And White, Conceptual, Nude, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Aug 15, 2016
Montana  is a  state  in the  Western  region of...
Documentary, Editorial, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Travel
Beauty And The Beast
By Philip Holt
Updated Aug 06, 2016
Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Nov 03, 2018
The  Netherlands  is the main constituent country  of...
Advertising, Documentary, Editorial, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Travel
By Philip Holt
Updated Aug 23, 2016
Documentary, Editorial, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism
The Setté Project
By Natalie Naccache
Updated Jan 26, 2017
The Setté Project tells the tale of the murder of my grandmother 20 years...
Black And White, Documentary, Dying/Death, Friends + Family, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photojournalism
By Philip Holt
Updated Feb 23, 2017
Documentary, Editorial, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Claire Beilvert
Updated Sep 04, 2016
Libya. Benghazi city. March 2011. Red Croissant camp. Gaddafi's army is...
Libya, Sweden, Usa, Germany, Uk. Documentary, Erythrean Refugee, Immigration, Libya War, Multimedia, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Somalian Refugee, Women Refugee
Landscapes Of Migration
By Angelos Tzortzinis
Updated Sep 11, 2016
SYNOPSIS: More and more migrants refugees have fled to Europe in the last...
GREECE Documentary, Migration, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism
San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art
By Lucian Perkins
Updated Sep 22, 2016
After being closed for three years the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art...
San Francisco, California Arts, Documentary, IPhone, Personal, Photography, Street
Faces Of Disabilities
By Ulrik Tofte
Updated Sep 29, 2016
The project tries to challenge our perception of the normal  body. With...
Arts, Disability, Nude, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Senior Citizens
Roadtrip Pennsylvania
By Nima Taradji Photography
Updated Oct 20, 2016
A roadtrip from Cleveland, Ohio to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in summer...
Pennsylvania Americana, Black And White, Personal, Photography, Roadtrip, Travel
By Tiana Markova-Gold
Updated Oct 03, 2016
Haiti Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Events, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel, Vodou, Vodun, Voodoo
By Florence Iff
Updated Nov 01, 2016
Back in 1998 I created a photographic series comprised of 20 female friends...
Fine Art, Identity, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photography, Portrait
Romantic Memories
By Monica Silva
Updated Oct 06, 2016
Romantic Memories Milano past and present: Soul portraits of a city...
Milano, Italy Documentary, Editorial, Friends + Family, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Milano Lonesome
By Monica Silva
Updated Apr 27, 2018
"Chi l'èl ch'el voeur conoss i grandoeur de Milan?” (Who wants to see...
Milan, Italy Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Personal, Photography, Street, Travel
Monica Silva Videos
By Monica Silva
Updated Aug 09, 2018
Milan, Italy Conceptual, Events, Landscape, Music, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Short Film, Still Life, Travel
Twelve Hours
By Matthias Koch
Updated Nov 17, 2017
From French, from Latin transire ‎(“to go across, pass in, pass...
Abstract, Black And White, Conceptual, Editorial, Fine Art, Personal, Photography, Travel
Generation Mobile (Ongoing Project)
By Chiara Ceolin
Updated Oct 20, 2016
Technology is becoming part of children's life more and more from an early...
Children, Documentary, Family, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Technology
By Joe Patronite
Updated Dec 07, 2016
James V. Patronite was born on March 23, 1926 in rural Pennsylvania. He was...
Cleveland, Ohio, USA Aging, Alzhiemers, Black And White, Dying/Death, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism
Crying Without Makeup
By Attila Simon
Updated Dec 22, 2016
Ongoing portrait series. Model: Andrea Bokor, actress.
Miercurea Ciuc Beauty, Black And White, Emotion, Fear, Fine Art, Loss, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
By Tom White
Updated Dec 19, 2016
The following essay was published in Vol 18 Issue 1 of the Journal of...
Singapore Abundance, Affluence, Business, Capitalism, Documentary, Editorial, Globalization, Inequality, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
What Remains
By Andrew Hogan
Updated Jan 10, 2017
New Haven, CT Personal, Relationships
Heroes For A Day
By Juan RodríGuez Morales
Updated Feb 21, 2018
When the writer Jerry Siegel and the cartoonist Joe Shuster created...
Spain Comic, Cosplay, Costumes, Culture, Documentary, Identity, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
A Naturalist's Guide To Short Walks In Southern Vermont
By Andrew Hogan
Updated Jan 19, 2017
The photographs were taken with a four thirds camera outfitted with a lens...
Putney, Vermont Black And White, Environment, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Still Life
Ready For Dinner
By Ignacio Ferrer
Updated Jan 22, 2017
Summer time in Mallorca, Spain. Around 7pm, british tourists are prepared for...
Abstract, Beachs, Conceptual, Culture, Documentary, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Relationships, Street, Travel
The Cabin Revisited
By Andrew Hogan
Updated Jan 25, 2017
The landscape I photographer five years ago has gone through immense change...
New Haven, CT Black And White, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Landscape, Personal, Photography
The Inauguration
By Nima Taradji Photography
Updated Feb 24, 2017
The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump had for theme “Uniquely American.”...
Washington Dc Documentary, Elections, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Daughters Of Tradition
By Karen Arango
Updated Feb 24, 2017
In the world today we still witness issues of gender inequality where women...
Dar Es Salam Africa, Culture, Documentary, Editorial, International, Leadership, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel, Women